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Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats this Thanksgiving

Learn more about which toxic foods for dogs and cats are to avoid this season at the dinner table.

Before you gather for a family meal this Thanksgiving, make sure to keep an eye on your pets. In fact, you may not be the only one who’s excited to eat a tasty treat. Because of this, it may be helpful to know which snacks your pets should avoid. Read on to learn more about the toxic foods for dogs and cats to skip this season and help keep your pets happy and healthy this holiday.

Toxic foods for dogs and cats this Thanksgiving holiday

It may be no surprise to you that your pets may look forward to dinnertime. Naturally, puppies and kittens are quite curious and may not miss an opportunity to explore in the kitchen. Check out this list of toxic foods for dogs and cats to help avoid an unexpected trip to the veterinarian.

Learn more about which toxic foods to avoid giving your dog or cat this season.

Naturally, if it’s a holiday, weekend, or just a regular day, it may be helpful to monitor your pets when they’re around the house. With pets spending more time at home right now, it may not take very much time for your pet to get into something they shouldn’t. Because of this, here’s a safety tips list with your best friend in mind.

Pet safety tips for Thanksgiving

Toxic foods for dogs and cats - consider serving size before giving to your pet.

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or multi-pet household, safety tips may be useful for your furry friends during the holiday season. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or prepping your meal, this pet hazard list may be helpful before you set the table.

Secure your discarded food and trash

Consider obtaining all food scraps in a safe space before it can be properly disposed of safely. This may include a compost bin or an outdoor space away from furry friends.

Be mindful of sweet treats

Chocolate is one of the most popular pet hazards consumed during the holiday season. Consider keeping desserts and sugary snacks out of reach until dessert time.

Consider covering plates before mealtime

You never know when your furry family member may try to snag snacks with their paws or even try to jump on the counter. Try keeping your food in covered containers during dinner. Also, covering your food dishes before, while, and after your meal may help keep your best friend at bay.

Provide a pet-safe space for your furry friends

Your pets may want a place to play and rest during dinnertime. By providing a pet-friendly space it may help keep your pets occupied and entertained while you eat your holiday meal. Consider a bed, water, dog gate, and interactive toys to help keep your pets happy.

Help keep your dog or cat safe from toxic foods this Thanksgiving

Whether you’re traveling or hosting your own holiday get together, make sure to consider all your family members. But by watching your pet, disposing properly of food waste, and providing a pet-friendly space, your pets may have a wonderful holiday with the family.

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