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Trupanion Virtual Pet Pageant Showcase

Cats and dogs inspire us every day. While we’ve worked and played from home this year, we’re always looking for a way to come together and bond over our furry friends. Since the entire Trupanion team is working remotely, we thought we’d incorporate some fun into our day featuring our best friends. Naturally, there’s nothing more adorable than cute dogs and cats. Read on to learn more about the second annual Trupanion Virtual Pet Pageant and meet the winners of the showcase.

Behind-the-scenes with the winners of the Trupanion virtual pet pageant

Whether you’re looking for some stylish pets or funny furry friends, we’ve got the best of the best in this virtual pet pageant.

Consider the following Trupanion pet showcase stand-outs:

Most stylish

Wilbur is ready to hit the slope in style. Gone are the days of sunglasses and booties, you can find this furry friend enjoying the snow with goggles, jacket, and adorable hat.

Spookiest costume

Nothing gets more adorable or spooky than furry friend Marmalade. If you think something is lurking around your garden, it may be this Trupanion team member.

Best trick and best in show

If you think you need to step up your pet’s training regimen, you should see the tricks on Shenanigan. This Trupanion cat not only knows how to reach super high, but they also can high-five. Also, they know how to look stellar in a Halloween costume. Great work Shenanigan!

Most dynamic duo

While some co-workers may stay busy all day, these two best friends are ready to make you laugh, smile, or encourage a five-minute play session. Naturally, Dori and Ser Thunderpaws are an incredible Trupanion team member pair that we absolutely love!

Best work-from-home helper

If you need help with recruiting new team members, sending emails, or general office duties, look no further than June Bug. Whether she’s crashing zoom meetings or napping on laptops, June Bug is ready to be your new best friend.

Funniest furball

While working from home has its moments, nothing beats the way our pets have a way of making us laugh. Whether you need a laugh or a five-minute break, Maple, is ready to make you smile whether you’re in a meeting or on a deadline.

Most photogenic

If you’re looking for a picture-perfect pet, look no further than Mr. Pickles. Whether they’re exploring with their best friend or taking a new trip, this furry family member is always camera ready.

Trupanion’s Annual Virtual Pet Pageant a way to bond and connect with all our team members

From adventurous cats to adorable dogs, the Trupanion virtual pet pageant gave our team the chance to come together and bond over our love of pets. No matter where we work or what time zone, we always find the time to laugh and smile over the furry family members that mean so much to us.

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Thank you to all the Trupanion team members for your participation!

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