Five Books about Dogs Every Pet Owner Should Read
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Five Books about Dogs Every Pet Owner Should Read

Read on to learn more about books about dogs to include on your next reading list.

Whether you’re looking for a way to bond or spend quality time with your furry friend, why not consider relaxing and picking up a good book. While everyone may be spending a bit more time at home, this can help give you the chance to indulge in a favorite past-time. Read on to learn more about which books about dogs should be on your reading list this season.

Books about dogs for pet owners

1.DAWGS: A True Story of Lost Animals and the Kids Who Rescued Them

By Dianne Trull and Meredith Wargo

Inspiration can come in many forms, including from your furry friends. This true story tells of a fourth-grade teacher and class who were motivated to start a rescue to help, nurture, and love pets that had been abandoned in their small town. Further, a touching life lesson that inspired a whole community to help those who need it most.

2.Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth

By Guinnevere Schuster

From best-selling author and photographer of “Underwater Dogs,” comes the unpredictable personality-filled capture of shelter dogs in photo booths. Also, this honest, humorous, and beautiful photo-series shows you everything these furry friends may have to offer for their next forever family. A real treat for any pet lover to read!

3.Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship

By Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downs

The bond between a service dog and its handler is a special one. This New York Times Bestseller and the real-life story shows just how impactful a service dog can be for someone. Jessica’s life is forever changed and Rescue is there to help her navigate her daily life and in turn, inspires so much more. Further, a moving and inspirational picture book for families to read together.

4.Rescued: What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us about Living with Purpose, Living with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little Things

By Peter Zheutlin

As much as we can teach dogs, they can teach us so much more. The New York Times Bestselling author accounts stories, quotes, and life lessons from those that have rescued animals. This heartfelt and honest look at dog ownership truly shows you dogs maybe your best friend right from the start.

5.Ivy the Very Determined Dog

By Maureen Harrington and Chris Harrington

This real-life story accounts of Ivy the French Bulldog who became diagnosed with the pet health condition, IVDD, but did not let it stop them from living the best life. Also, Ivy’s joy of life inspired everyone they meet, including their family and pet owners Maureen and Chris. This children’s picture book is a must-have for every pet owner.

Books about dogs can help inspire, motivate, and give your day purpose

From rescue dogs, service dogs, and a very determined French Bulldog, your furry friends may find a way to inspire and motivate your day. After all, your pets may appreciate some extra cuddles and curl up right next to you

What are some of your favorite books about dogs? Tells us in the comments below!

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