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#withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners

Read on to learn more about the #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Featured winners.

Your pets brighten the day. Whether your pet is a 24/7 snuggler, cuddler, adventurer, protector, or sock-stealer, chances are they’ve filled your homes with joy and happiness. Your pets can provide love and comfort to everyone they meet, and maybe inspire others from afar. Fortunately, we asked Trupanion members to share their pets with us to be featured in our 2021 Calendar, and we loved the response. Read on to learn more about the #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners.

#withTrupanion Calendar Contest Featured Winners


In remembrance, meet Tully, one of our #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners.

Trupanion has been by Tully’s side her entire life. Some pets leave as much too soon and this was the case for dear sweet Tully.

We have dedicated the 2021 Trupanion Calendar in memory of Tully. Thank you for the love and affection you gave to so many.

“This is Tully. She’s an 8-year-old SCWT who thankfully has been covered by Trupanion for her entire life. She had TPLO surgery about three years ago and Trupanion was there for us and then in June this year, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had her leg amputated. Thank you Trupanion.”

The Doodles

The Doodles are one of the particpants and featured winners of the #withTrupanion Calendar Contest.

Photos of your furry friends can warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. The Doodles sure do make us smile.

“This photo of our doodles always brings a smile and we would like to share that with other animal lovers throughout the world. We are insured with Trupanion to ensure they can live their life to the fullest without worrying about medical expenses!”

The Cups (Cupcake and Buttercup)

Chances your furry friend appreciates cuddles and snuggles just as much as you do. Naturally, The Cups are two of the cutest furry friends yet.

“The Cups (Cupcake and Buttercup) have been Trupanion kitties since they were tiny Cuplets, they’re now 7 1/2 years old. In 2020, they were my main source of companionship, they are always together, always touching I would love to be able to share them with the world.”


#withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners - Sargon

Pets are resilient. They have incredible strength and determination. Sargon is just one of the Trupanion pets that defied the odds this year.

“In December 2019, Sargon lost his left front leg to a nerve sheath tumor. We were unsure if he would return to hiking, but in the past year, he has logged almost 350 km!”


Senior dogs make great best friends, and Fargo is no exception.

“Fargo is a senior dog rescued from Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions in Woodstock, IL. He deserved and is grateful to have a second chance in life. He is now living his best life with comfort, compassion, great medical care thanks to Trupanion and a loving furever family. Senior dogs make great companions, even if it is just joining you for morning coffee. Why not be a calendar dog?”

Quincy and Maverick

Quincy and Maverick are Trupanion pets that are also featured as one of the #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners.

Pets can make great models. Just check out brothers Quincy and Maverick.

“Meet Quincy (22 months) and Maverick (13 months), Morkie brothers with the same parents from different litters! Our mom says that we would be a fabulous addition to your calendar, look how handsome we are!! We love to get our picture taken!”


Riley loves to adventure, explore, and is one of the featured #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners.

Adventure is out there and Riley is ready to explore with the ones he loves most.

“I’m Riley, a wild adventure pup that loves to explore the great outdoors! I’d love to be in the Trupanion 2021 calendar, being a member ensures I’ll always get the best care without worrying about the cost!”


Hali brought joy to their family when they arrived this year!

“Born into a pandemic, Hali came to our family as a symbol of joy, energy, and fluffy hugs amidst all the darkness. With every adventure we take her on, she draws smiles everywhere we go, and that is exactly why she should be part of the 2021 Trupanion calendar. A little smile goes a long way.”


This fun-loving and curious Beagle is ready for its close-up.

“Zumma should be on the calendar because, as a Beagle, her nose constantly gets her into trouble. She’ll eat anything and everything she finds on walks. Trupanion helps us know she’s always protected from any potential toxicities or foreign bodies!”


Your furry friends may always want to travel, especially when you’re by their side. Check out, Elvis!

“This is Elvis – our 4-year-old chocolate Havanese. Born and raised in Florida he likes to travel because his parents and human brother come originally from Germany. He is a personality for sure!”

The Viking Cats

Loki and Freya of TheVikingCats are always ready for hugs, cuddles and adventure! (One of the #withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners)

The Viking Cats have been forever friends from day one.

“@TheVikingCats_ was adopted from a local Cat Rescue. Loki (Tuxedo) was born in a barn and Freya (Panther) was born in the city! Loki accepted Freya the very first day she moved into our home. They love hanging out, playing, and sleeping together. They are the sweetest cats to everyone they meet (and each other!) and would love to be featured in the Trupanion calendar.”


#withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners featuring Momo.

Whether Momo is posing, lounging, or snacking on treats, this furry friend seems to entertain everyone they meet.

“Momo is Shiba Inu who’s often mistaken for a Pomeranian or Husky mix due to a rare recessive long hair trait. She’s a sassy doggo who thinks she’s a cat and she knows how to work the camera for a yummy treat.”


This Goldendoodle enjoys everything around them including family, friends, and food.

“Archie would be a great addition to the Trupanion calendar because he’s just so handsome. He’s been lucky to have great health but we’ve had some scares when he was a puppy because he loved to eat everything and anything. Thanks for providing us with insurance coverage that helps us rest easier knowing he’ll be cared for if he should ever need it.”

#withTrupanion Calendar Contest Winners

Whether your pet loves to cuddle, snuggle, adventure, or explore they’re always #withTrupanion and we are lucky to call them all part of the family.

Thank you to our Trupanion members for sharing your stories and photos with us. To read more member stories from our #withTrupanion Calendar Contest, click here.

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