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Extra Shiny Chompers for Cosmo

Learn more about how Cosmo's dog dental issues were taken care of thanks to a Trupanion policy.

Cosmo has always been “the healthy one”—the worst he’s had to deal with is a torn dewclaw and a random ear infection a few years ago. It’s hard to be literal perfection, but he manages.

But of course, the little biscuit decided that 2020 was the year to randomly pop up with dental issues. I mean, I get it, I think we all felt like it was the longest year of our lives.  

Some overgrown gingival tissue removal, two extractions, three fillings, and a $1,871 reimbursement later—you could say we’re pretty dang glad Mo is covered by Trupanion.

I loved how fast it was to submit his claim using the Trupanion app on my phone. Having a place to quickly reference his claim and check on its status was so handy, and it gave me peace of mind with how large the invoice was.

Now, two weeks later, Cosmo is back to living his best model life, with some extra shiny chompers.

-Alex K.

Cosmo's dog dental issues were fixed thanks to their coverage with a Trupanion policy.


  • Sudbury, Massachusetts
  • Date enrolled: June 2019
  • Conditions: Gingivitis, dental extractions, dental disease
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $1,871.65

Terms and conditions do apply. We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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