Well I’m Porky. Before I adopted my family of Jennifer (my mama), Katelynn (my almost 7 year old), and Anabelle (my 4 year old) I had a hard life.  I was rescued from smash face rescue.  They found me and all my brothers and sisters in bad shape.  

After we got better I found my forever home and it’s been a crazy ride.  I turned one in October and sometimes I think I’m the Dad here.  The girls are crazy!  Sometimes they dress me in princess dresses or paint my nails.  So I get them back and chew on their shoes or hide Mama’s cell phone or remote control.  I think it’s funny but she doesn’t.  

This house never has a quiet moment and I wonder if it ever will.  We foster dogs and cats so I feel like we run a pet hotel!  We picked up my little sister Miss Piggy along the way and she’s ok.  I think she can stay.  I like having new dogs all the time but I’m glad when they are gone.  As long as I’m top dog and sleep on the bed I’m one happy puppy.  We go on grand adventures and go to the snow and the beach.  I love horses and cats but sometimes they don’t love me back. I’ve visited preschool twice, kindergarten, and first grade so I think I’m at second grade level!  I’d love to tell you all about my life in this crazy house!