weimaraner dog in green bushes outsideMr. Beaujangles, affectionately called “Beau”, is a Weimaraner born on March 10, 2001. Beau was named after the song “Mr. Bojangles”, a tap dancer in the 1920s who performed in the South. Mr. Bojangles’ faithful companion was a dog. Some 20 years of the dog’s death, Mr. Bojangles still mourned his passing.

Typical Weimaraner that he is, Beau, as he is known, believes he rules the world. Though he likes to chase squirrels, his number one love is food, of which he is a fine gourmand and gourmet! He particularly relishes his chicken stew and peanut butter-apple treats, though he is also fond of raw beef meals. As such, he was the most eminently qualified candidate to become the CFO (Chief Food Officer) of Beau’s To Go™, a line of human-grade pet meals and treats made with organic ingredients. In fact, Beau was the inspiration for Beau’s To Go™ and is quite pleased to taste and approve each batch of meals and treats, as well as review each proposed recipe. Beau takes his position very seriously and only occasionally takes time off to go on a hike so he can read the neighborhood’s peemail. Otherwise, Beau can often be found perusing cook books to find the perfect recipes for healthy meals and treats.

In his spare time, Beau likes to lounge on his favorite sofa or out on the deck during sunny afternoons. His favorite hobbies (besides food and chasing squirrels, of course) is contemplating life and its meaning, solving quadratic equations for the fun of it, and taking his owner on hikes. An avid blogger in all things relating to pet health, Beau is also a very active peemailer. Both his blogs and peemails are a source of valuable information.