A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten
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4 Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Your Furry Friend

By: Alyssa Little

Sustainability is an increasingly substantial consideration in the consumer marketplace. As a consumer—and more importantly, as a pet owner—it is paramount that we know what our pet's toys and products are made of. Naturally, we all want our dogs and cats to have the best items. But we still want our furry friends to be safe and have fun. What if you could give them a toy or bed that is good for them and for the environment?

Fortunately, with eco-friendly pet products increasingly available in everything from toys to collars, you can find sustainable and recyclable materials repurposed into useful pet goods. Check out some of our favorite eco-conscious pet products for your furry family members!

Four eco-friendly pet products for the dog or cat in your life

1. Bedding

Every pet deserves a comfy spot to curl up in at night. Designed with comfort and style, P.L.A.Y dog beds are made out of recycled bottles. In addition, they have removable cushions, covers, and are machine washable. Further, this Green American Certified business gives back to numerous animal welfare organizations which is why it tops this list of eco-friendly pet products!

2. Collars and leashes

Whether you’re on a walk with your puppy or an adventure with your pack, consider adding an EcoBark leash or bow-tie collar. These eco-friendly pet products are made from recycled water bottles and come in a variety of sizes and collars. In addition, EcoBark donated more than 1,000 harnesses and leashes to animal shelters in need in 2019!

3. Playtime

Your furry family members deserve the best! And Harry Barker delivers on stylish, quality, environmentally friendly pet products for pets of all sizes. Whether your dog enjoys toy ropes, chews, or balls, there is bound to be hours of fun ahead for your best friend. In addition, all products are green and sustainable, and Harry Barker gives back to several animal organizations. Further, they also have products for travel, sleep, and bath time!

4. Cat furniture

If your feline needs a place to play, roam, or sleep, consider adding some cat furniture to create the ultimate cat-friendly space. With cat furniture shops on Etsy, you can find everything from an eco-friendly cat scratcher to a unique sisal rope kitten toy. In addition to knowing you are supporting small-business owners, you can even customize your cat-friendly finds for the ideal cat home!

A cat sits in the bed of a fluffy white cat tree

Pet products with your furry friend and the environment in mind

Whether you’re looking to spoil your best canine friend with a new toy or gift a scratching post to your feline companion, eco-friendly pet products are a way to give back and feel better about your impact on the environment. Consider going green on your next find for your furry friend—it helps the earth and brings joy to your best friend!

A dog and cat snuggle

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