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Four Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog

By: Kelli Rascoe

Autumn is a great time to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer with your pets. Whether you want to explore a new hiking trail or camp out under the stars, we’ve got a list of fall activities to do with your dog that will inspire some quality bonding time. We sat down with the Trupanion pet program team to discover new activities to do with your dog that may help encourage fun with your best friend.

Fall activities to do with your dog

A man wearing a plaid shirt sit with his dog overlooking the mountains

1. Hike with your best friend by your side

Fresh air and activity are a great way to stay active and fit with your furry friend. Whether you’re hiking with your dog for the first time or are an avid hiker, there’s certainly never a better time to hit the trails. Consider starting with a beginner hike and monitor your pet’s behavior. Also, make sure to pack the pet first aid kit to avoid any pet paw injuries!

2. Enjoy camping with your furry friend

Without a doubt, getting out in nature’s playground is a relaxing way to spend time with your best friend. It’s important to spend time outdoors. Also, there are different skills to work on outdoors vs indoors. For example, exposing puppies to different environments is important for development. Puppyhood is an incredibly important time. Consider taking a long weekend to get out and adventure with your furry friend. Naturally, the escape in nature is a great way to bond with your pet.

A girl wearing a beanie holds her cute Labrador Retriever dog at her campsite

3. Seek out a new pet-friendly destination

With the leaves changing, it’s a wonderful time to jet-set to a pet-friendly destination. Whether you want to vacation to a dog-friendly resort or plan a fall pet-friendly road trip, our friends at BringFido have a variety of restaurants, accommodations, and lodging to help plan your stay! Also, consider checking with your final destination in regards to their pet regulations.

4. Snap a photo in the pumpkin patch

Fall is in the air! So it’s time to bundle up and enjoy some time-honored fall traditions. Consider a trip to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, snap a photo among the fall leaves, or catch a game of fetch at the park. Take the time to get some fresh air and walk around the block, or if you have a higher energy pup consider scheduling midday play dates with some of their puppy friends. And, if the weather isn’t ideal, a playdate can always be scheduled indoors.

The benefit of participating in activities with your dog

Your pet is your loyal companion. Naturally, there’s no better way to enjoy the season than with your furry friend by your side. The team weighs in on the benefit of quality bonding time.

The more time you spend together doing new and exciting things will only help strengthen your bond. Take the proper time to rest and relax. Fall is a cozy time! Stay in and get cozy in front of the fire under some blankets.

French bulldog wearing a rain jacket

Activities to do with your dog during the fall season

Despite whichever season it is, getting out and adventuring with your pet allows you to bond, explore, and stay active! With every new season, there’s a chance for your new puppy to discover a new environment. Every day is a learning opportunity. Take some time to run through your tricks and commands with your best friend, the bond is priceless.

For more on pet care, read Health Benefits of Walking Dogs: Ten Steps for Pups and Pet Owners.

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