A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten
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How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat: A Pet Owner Guide

By: Kelli Rascoe

If you’re considering bringing home a new furry friend, we’ve got an essential guide on how to safely introduce dogs and cats. Whether you’re already a multi-pet household or are a first-time foster parent, these tips may come in handy for all members of the family. Everyone should feel comfortable and happy in their home and this includes your pets. For this reason, we sat down with Trupanion veterinarian Dr. Sarah Nold to learn more about how to safely introduce a dog to a cat and best practices for a healthy and pet-friendly home.

A Goldendoodle dog snuggles with a small orange kitten

How to safely introduce dogs and cats

Steps to take when introducing dogs and cats

No matter how many pets you have, every new pet that comes home with you will be a different experience. Nold breaks down some steps on how to safely introduce dogs and cats for the first time.

“For the first 1-2 weeks keep your cat isolated in their own room with free access to food, water and a litter box. Make sure it’s a space that your dog can be kept out of and it will not cause a lot of inconvenience to your family. This also allows them to get used to the smell and sound of each other underneath the door. Then let your cat out with your dog on the leash. Let the cat come to the dog and start the interaction.”

Naturally, these steps may have to be repeated for your pets to become used to one another. Also, it’s a safe way for your pets to interact, get to know one another, and play in a common space.

Learning together

If this is the first time another dog or cat has been in your home, this may be a new experience for all involved. For example, “your cat may hiss or swat. That’s okay, they’re teaching each other boundaries. Also, your dog may bark or jump, just keep a tight grip on the leash. Consider allowing 30-60 minutes time frame for your cat to wander and then put them back in their space,” says Nold.

Your dog or cat may have to get used to another pet being around, especially in their own home. This can be a new learning opportunity for your pet, the new pet, and all family members. For more on dogs barking, check out this article.

Two pretty-colored cats cuddle together on the couch

A friendship may take time

Not all dogs and cats will be best friends immediately. It may take time for your pets to warm up to each other and be happy with sharing the home. And that is completely normal. After all, your pet isn’t used to sharing its home or personal space with another furry friend.

There may be a chance that one pet will take to the new friend, while the other needs time. For instance, “if the dog doesn’t react and the cat is okay with the dog you’re good. If they’re still having a spicy interaction continue to increase the interaction times until they are together all the time,” states Nold.

A bond takes time to solidify. And just like in humans, a friendship is built on trust. Further, there are many factors like breed, age and species that may play a role. Consider providing separate safe spaces with beds, crates and toys to retreat to so they may feel happy while they are learning to interact and adapt to their new family member.

Check in with your veterinarian

If you have any concerns about how to introduce your new puppy or kitten, talk to your veterinarian. Their expertise and guidance can help you with a plan on best practices for a safe and healthy introduction. Depending on your pet’s breed or age, they may determine different interaction plans.

A black-and-white dog and cat play together in the living room

Introducing a dog to a cat may be a new experience for the entire family

Introducing a new pet to your family may be a big change for your family. It may take time for all of your family members to become accustomed to a new schedule, system, or training for your pet, especially if it’s a new puppy or kitten. By having patience and giving your pets the chance to get to know one another by offering a safe space, chances are they may be best friends in no time.

For more on pets at home, read How to Entertain Your Pets While You Work from Home.

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