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The Best Pet Gear to Stock Up On in 2022

By: Brianna Gunter

A happy husky plays with his blue dog toy

The past two years have redefined what it means to be a pet owner. Both dog ownership and cat ownership spiked during the pandemic, and many people are more active and in-sync with their furry friend than ever. Whether your cat keeps you company while working from home or your dog serves as the ultimate travel buddy, 2022 brings a whole new year of opportunities for you and your pet!

Speaking of which, now’s the time to see if you’re in need of any supply upgrades. Today’s pet gear makes life easier for both you and your four-legged family member, not to mention opens up new adventure possibilities.

The best gear for pet owners in 2022

Pet owners tend to be active, and dog owners in particular are around four times more likely to meet physical activity health recommendations than those without canine companions. But whether your buddy barks or meows, stocking up on some of the best pet gear of 2022 can help you form some of your best memories yet.

Here are 10 great pet items to consider this year:

Smart pet camera

It’s typically dogs who have a reputation for getting anxious and lonely while home alone, but a lot of cats miss their humans dearly as well. The solution? An interactive, smartphone-connective pet camera.

The best pet cameras of 2022 come with a variety of features that both let you keep tabs on your furry friend and help them feel less lonesome. Using two-way audio, night vision, and sound and motion alerts that go straight to your phone, you can check in with your pet remotely any time of day. Models like the Petcube Bits 2 camera and WOPet Smart camera even come with “treat tossing” dispensers, so you can easily reward Fido for practicing good behavior while you’re out.

Smart pet feeder

Whether you’re home a lot or frequently away, a smart pet feeder can help you save time and keep your pet’s meals on schedule. Today’s smart feeders connect with your phone and can be programmed to dispense food on set timelines. And with pre-measured cups, they’re also great for helping pet owners who struggle with over-feeding stick to correct portions.

Wondering which one to get? There are quite a few options on the market for 2022, but Best Reviews rates WoPet’s 29-cup smart feeder (complete with interactive camera and voice messaging) the best of the year. If you’re looking for a simpler option, the 16-cup Petme smart feeder snagged Best Reviews’ “best bang for the buck.”

Dog travel water bottle

By this point you’ve probably heard of (or have) a portable water bowl for hikes with your pal, but dog travel water bottles take the concept to the next level. Models like the Riuetar, lesotc, and Highwave AutoDogMug come with small bowls attached at the top that you can squeeze water into. The design allows you to quench your pup’s thirst in less time than it takes to pour water into a separate portable bowl, and with less mess. It also saves on packing space and prevents water waste.

Pet treat puzzle

Sure, you could give your pet a treat just because they’re cute or sat on cue. But why not make them earn it just a little more? Today’s interactive pet products include a wide range of puzzle toys that will keep both dogs and cats entertained and even getting a little exercise while they work for a tasty snack.

In order to choose the most engaging pet treat puzzle toy for your pet, look for designs that require movement and thinking. For example, the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Hide N’ Slide toy features multiple latches and sliding covers that Fido has to open to access treats. Naturally, you’ll also want to take your pet’s size and energy levels into account before settling on the right puzzle toy.

Floating dog Frisbee

Not all Frisbees are created equal. And as many pet owners have found out the hard way, not all pet Frisbees float. For canines that love running and water, a good floating dog Frisbee is essential pet gear. The best options for 2022 are also the most durable, like the RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disk and the ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer. Both made with dense layers of durable polyester canvas, these Frisbees can be used all year in both water and snow.

Pet gear backpack

Packing up all of your pet’s things for a trip can be a pain. Without designated spots for things like food, toys, doggy bags, it can be easy to forget something (or even forget where you packed it amid all your other stuff). If you can relate, a pet gear backpack could be the answer to your packing and travel woes this year.

While some pet carriers do come with pockets for extra items, the Mobile Dog Gear Weekender backpack is designed entirely with pet product stowage in mind. Among its many features are lined carriers for food and treats, a divided interior that keeps things like towels and toys from falling into each other, and even a special slot for quick doggy bag access. It also looks pretty stylish and just like a regular backpack when closed, so you can take it wherever you want.

Light-up collar

If you’re walking your dog at night, in fog, or any other conditions with reduced visibility, it’s time to consider a light-up collar for your pal’s safety. Glow-in-the-dark and reflective materials can be useful too, but the problem is that drivers aren’t able to spot them until they’re close by. The best light-up collars of 2022 have actual lights embedded in them to announce your dog’s presence from afar.

To make sure yours is built to last, look for a design with rechargeable LED lights and durable fabric. Models like the Bseen LED Dog collar and the Illumiseen LED Dog collar also come with multiple flash and color settings. You may also want to consider a totally waterproof option, like the Blazin Flashing Light Review.

Cat bathing bag

There’s a lot of debate out there over whether or not cats actually need to be bathed, and the truth is that it depends entirely on the cat and the situation. While most cats keep themselves groomed, there are times when they get into something messy and really need a good soak. And for those cats who really don’t care for water no matter how warm and inviting you make it, a cat bathing bag will help you avoid being torn to shreds in the process.

Mesh allows water and soap to filter in and out, while keeping kitty secure and comfortable. Handles allow you to easily maneuver your pet as needed. Some cat bathing bag designs even have paw zipper areas so you can easily trim Fluffy’s nails without them sinking into your skin first. Note that if your cat is sick or injured, you should consult with their veterinarian for advice on how to bathe them safely.

Pet stroller

There tends to be a negative stigma attached to pet strollers, but there shouldn’t be. Mesh-covered strollers give your elderly or injured pets a safe way to get some fresh air and enjoy being out on walks with you. They’re also a great option for curious indoor cats who aren’t able to explore the great outdoors on their own.

Note that pet backpacks are also an option, but strollers tend to provide a smoother ride as well as allow you to interact more easily with your pet.

Pet health insurance

A brown poodle puppy runs down a path

While pet insurance isn’t “gear” per se, it is an item all pet owners should consider crossing off their lists in 2022 if they haven’t done so already. The right policy can help keep your pet protected in the event of an unexpected injury or serious illness, so getting them enrolled is a great way to help ensure you two will have many more exciting years ahead of you.

Wondering how pet insurance works? Contact the professionals at Trupanion today!

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