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Eight Spirited Halloween Costumes Fit for the Whole Family

By: Alyssa Little

It's finally October! Time to celebrate all the festivities that come with the spookiest time of year—including dressing up in fun (or scary!) Halloween costumes! We want the entire family to get out and enjoy the spirited activities. Because, what’s cuter than a family costume theme? One that includes your furry companions of course!

Trupanion sees our pets as family, and as such we want them to be able to enjoy all the fun Howl-O-Ween has to offer.

So grab your treat bags and those leashes, we’re taking the entire family trick-or-treating! Here are our favorite eight spirited Halloween costumes that fit the bill for the entire squad.

a cat in a cape sits next to a dog wearing a pumpkin headband on a bed surrounded by Halloween decorations

Eight festive Halloween costumes for the entire family

1. Pumpkin patch-a-palooza

Pumpkin is the go-to for just about everything this time of year. So why not show your love for pumpkin spice and everything nice by representing the entire patch? It’s a simple Halloween costume idea that is easy for the whole family to wear comfortably. Watch out, Trick-or-Treaters! Family pumpkin patch is coming through!

TruFact—Pumpkin is a popular name for pet parents. We found more than 928 pet names inspired by pumpkin in the Trupanion database of insured pets!

2. Take a magical journey

Magical spells, fantastic creatures, and charmed objects run the wizarding realm. So, grab a broomstick, memorize your favorite spell, and pick out your best robes for trick-or-treating with your four-legged friend and family. Wearing these mystical costumes, you can expect a lot of candy!

3. The most famous street in the world

If you’ve got little ones in the family, or you’ve come of age since 1969, you’ve probably watched ‘Sesame Street’ more than a few times. The famous television show has broadcast for over 49 years, and many versatile characters have appeared on the beloved children’s television program. Added bonus: most of these characters are very pet friendly!

Your best mate could dress up as Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch or Grover, just to name a few. These popular animated characters allow room for creativity, imagination, and bold color choices if you choose to design your own Halloween costume.

TruFact—Elmo is such a big hit with the pet parents, there are over 160 Trupanion pets with this lovable name!

4. Get upside down with Halloween

Something sure is eerie this Halloween. Let’s get upside down with the creepy world of Netflix’s hit show ‘Stranger Things.’ The beloved gang is out and about trying to figure out what the strange occurrences are in their sleepy town—and you should join in!

Because over half the characters in the show are kids, it’s a wonderful opportunity if you have quite a few furry companions in the household. Some fun characters to dress up as would be Chief Jim Hopper, the creepy Demigorgon, or even an evil mad scientist from Hawkins Lab.

5. Haunt the trick-or-treat trail

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are some of the few eerie haunts that traditionally ring in the Halloween season. A ghost costume for Halloween is not only a classic, but a simple and fun costume that is comfortable for everyone in the family—including your furry friend. Your spirit suit can be easily customized for anyone or you can get creative by designing your own. Happy haunting!

TruFact—With over 32 goblin-inspired pet names floating around our Trupanion database, we’re sure some pups and kitties will be ready for the festivities!

A pitbull in a ghost costume carriers an orange pumpkin can in its mouth

6. The most incredible time of year

It’s an incredible time of year for the Incredible family! We all love this super-family. And who can pass up the opportunity to dress up like super-heroes? Dressing up like the Incredibles gives you the chance to be elastic, run with super speed, or become invisible. Sounds like you’re all set for a super Halloween night!

7. Classic monster icons

Halloween is the time for thrills, shrills, and monsters. So why not try dressing in a classic costume, like Frankenstein—or Bride of Frankenstein—Creature from the Black Lagoon, or Wolfman, just to name a few? The classic monster pack includes over seven characters to choose from, so there are plenty of opportunities for bigger families with multiple pets. (Bonus—it would be fun to watch some of the classic movies to get in the holiday spirit!)

TruFact—Halloween icons are popular namesakes for Trupanion pet owners. More than 40 pets are named Frankenstein—and 149 pets are named Phantom! Talk about a graveyard smash!

8. Foodie fun

Food trucks have become the new way to grab a snack, try a new food, or get dinner with friends and family. Why not take your love of food trucks to the next level and dress up as your favorite? The possibilities are endless—tacos, avocado, biscuits, burgers or hot dogs—have fun!

For families, it would be a creative way to learn about new foods and the opportunity to design your own Halloween costume. (And yes, food trucks for your furry friend are a real thing!)

Halloween costumes & pet safety

Halloween costumes and pet safety go hand in hand. Always remember to tailor your pet's Halloween costume so it is safe and comfortable for them. Your pet should be able to move comfortably, go to the bathroom with ease, be safe and secure in their leash/harness, and prevented from digesting any part of their costume. You wouldn't want an unexpected trip to the veterinary clinic during this spooky season!

A dog and cat snuggle

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