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Vet Survey: Trupanion is America’s #1 Medical Insurance for Pets

By: Trupanion Staff

Source: Survey commissioned by dvm360, from April 19-June 9, 2022

A trusted partner to veterinary professionals and millions of pet parents for decades, Trupanion has new affirmation as the paramount brand of quality medical insurance for dogs and cats. According to a recent survey commissioned by leading veterinary publication dvm360, Trupanion is veterinarians’ pick for America’s top pet health insurance.

In the veterinary products survey conducted in late spring of 2022, dvm360 asked veterinarians across the country to select what they viewed as the top provider of health insurance for pets. Trupanion—a leader in pet medical insurance that covers animals across the United States as well as in Canada and Australia—emerged the clear choice.

There’s pet insurance, and then there’s Trupanion

Trupanion was founded in 2000 with the goal of helping loving, responsible pet parents budget and care for their pets. Over two decades, Trupanion has become a trusted partner to millions of families with pets, not to mention numerous veterinary professionals who provide the highest level of care to dogs and cats.

“Trupanion was founded with the guidance and support of veterinarians,” says Margi Tooth, president of Trupanion. “This endorsement is a great indication that we are living up to our mission to help pet parents to budget and care for their pets. And you can’t do that successfully if you are not ultimately helping increase access to care at veterinary hospitals.”

With the needs of both pet parents and veterinary teams in mind, Trupanion has revolutionized the industry. Many pet parents don’t have the finances to pay upfront and wait, for example. Trupanion is the only pet health insurance provider that can pay the veterinary invoice at the time of check-out, often in seconds, eliminating the cumbersome reimbursement model.

“This award is even more of an honor during such times of stress for the profession, as veterinarians are not immune to the impacts of inflation” adds Tooth. “When budgeting for unexpected care gets really tough, Trupanion will always be there for our members while continuing to provide best-in-class support to hospital teams across the country.”

Happy pets, happier pet parents

A happy-looking black and white spaniel dog runs across a field.

Over the past 22 years, Trupanion has paid more than $1.5 billion in veterinary invoices, with nearly one-third of that paid directly to veterinary hospitals at the time of invoice. Nearly 1.5 million pets have benefited from the best veterinary care, visiting veterinary hospitals over 6 million times.

It’s estimated that pet parents with Trupanion visit their veterinarian twice as often and spend twice as much on veterinary care, compared to non-Trupanion pet parents at an average of $3,000 per pet.

“Trupanion was there to help me get the best care for my dog, and best friend, Jiminy,” says Trupanion member, Lisa Davila. “To date, Trupanion has covered close to $20,000 worth of medical care for Jiminy. I am profoundly thankful for the peace of mind I get from having him insured with Trupanion, knowing that I can give him a bright future full of new experiences, adventure and restful moments together!”

With more than 1,400 team members globally, Trupanion provides 24/7/365 assistance to members and their veterinarians, helping them to budget and care for their pets.

Pet medical insurance saves lives

When bringing a dog or cat into the family, most pet parents anticipate routine veterinary expenses. But nobody can predict the future, and even the healthiest animals are at risk of accidents. A good pet health insurance policy is key to protecting dogs and cats and getting the veterinary care they need when these unexpected injuries and illnesses arise.

That said, trying to track down the best policy for your situation can get overwhelming fast. For pet parents, it’s important to carefully consider your furry family member’s specific needs, your expectations for veterinary care, and your budget.

Fortunately, Trupanion’s award-winning team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you navigate the world of medical insurance for pets.

Not sure where to start? Reading through some common pet insurance FAQs can help get you on the right track!

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