A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten
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A Boston Terrier dog stands on a gray couch.

How to Keep Your Home From Smelling Like Your Pet

By: Brianna Gunter

We love our dogs and cats, but we don’t love the pet odors that come with them! Fortunately, there are several key things you can do to keep your home from smelling like your pet.

A calico cat looks up from a green food bowl

Why is My Cat Always Hungry?

By: Brianna Gunter

‘Why is my cat always hungry?’ is a common question among cat owners. We talked with a vet to learn when to be concerned about cats that beg for food.

A black and white dog runs with its mouth open across a sunny field in summer.

Pet Spring Allergies Checklist: What to Look For

By: Brianna Gunter

How can you tell if your pet has allergies? Spring allergies are common in both dogs and cats, and there are signs every pet owner should check for.

Two long-haired terriers sit in a green, grassy backyard.

A Guide to Parasite Prevention for Dogs and Cats

By: Sam Chambers

From external parasites like fleas to internal parasites like heartworms, parasite prevention is crucial to your pet’s health and wellbeing.

A pet owner running with their dog for exercise.

7 Easy Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

By: Sam Chambers

Running with your dog or going for a walk isn’t the only way to give your pup some exercise. Check out this list for some easy ways to exercise with your dog.

A shiba inu dog snuggles cozily in a sustainable dog bed.

Eco-Friendly Pet Products Worth Knowing About

By: Alyssa Little

From sustainable cat litter to biodegradable doggy bags, these eco-friendly pet products keep our furry friends healthy, happy, and saving the planet.

Close-up of a kitten held in a towel after a bath.

How to Bathe a Kitten

By: Brianna Gunter

Learn how to bathe a kitten safely and without drama. Your little cat may not want a bath, but they are an essential part of pet care.

A corgi walks in a harness alongside water outdoors.

How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need Daily?

By: Kelli Rascoe & Trupanion Staff

You know that your dog needs to go on walks, but are you making sure they are getting enough exercise? 

A black and white kitten plays on the floor with a fuzzy cat toy.

The Essential New Kitten Supplies Checklist

By: Brianna Gunter

Wondering what you need to help your cat friend thrive? This checklist of items is a must for all pet parents with a new kitten.

Close-up view of a loving expression from a black and white dog.

10 Signs Your Dog Loves You

By: Kelli Rascoe & Trupanion Staff

Dog is man’s best friend, but can you tell when dog loves man? According to science, yes. Here are 10 signs your dog loves you and wants you around.

Trupanion has paid more than $2 billion in claims.

Vet Bill Relief: Trupanion Pays $2 Billion+ in Invoices

By: Trupanion Staff

A good pet insurance plan is key to affording the best veterinary care. Trupanion has reached a milestone with over $2 billion in claims paid.

A white puppy sits on a wood floor with a rope toy.

The Essential New Puppy Supplies Checklist

By: Brianna Gunter

The right supplies will help puppies get off on the right paw, from healthy foods to puppy-safe toys. This checklist is essential for all new puppy owners.

A woman shopping for pet insurance with dog.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Pet Insurance

By: Brianna Gunter

The world of pet insurance is often confusing. To make sure you’re making the right choice for your pet and your wallet, ask these questions before buying.

Close-up of a calico kitten with pointed ears on an orange background

Is Pet Insurance Worth it During Economic Inflation?

By: Brianna Gunter

Economic inflation keeps rising, and it’s normal to want to cut costs where possible. But should that include nixing health insurance for your pet?

Trupanion is the best pet insurance in America chosen by veterinarians.

Vet Survey: Trupanion is America’s #1 Medical Insurance for Pets

By: Trupanion Staff

In a nationwide survey by dvm360, veterinarians chose Trupanion as the top provider of health insurance to dogs and cats. Here’s how Trupanion revolutionized pet care.

Close up of a black cat with signs of matted fur.

How to Get Rid of Matted Cat Hair: Causes and Solutions

By: Kelli Rascoe & Trupanion Staff

There are several reasons cats get matted fur, though long-haired cats may be most at risk. Use these vet-approved tips to get rid of matted cat hair for good.

Four black and white dogs look down from atop a cement wall.

What is the Best Age to Get Pet Insurance for Dogs?

By: Brianna Gunter

Dog insurance can be life-saving for your pet, but is your pal old enough? Real pet insurance claims data shows the best age to get dog health insurance.

Yellow Labrador Retriever sits near a blue vacuum

Why Your Pet Hates Vacuums (and What to Do About it)

By: Brianna Gunter

Do vacuums scare dogs and cats? If your pet acts uncomfortable around this necessary household cleaning device, there may be multiple reasons why.

Multi colored cat and dog looking at camera

How to Include Pets in Your Estate Plan (And Why It’s Important!)

By: Brianna Gunter

Including pets in your estate plan is the best way to protect dogs and cats in the event you’re no longer able to provide care. Here’s what you need to know.

A hand posts a lost dog flyer with a reward on a pole.

What to Do if Your Pet Goes Missing

By: Brianna Gunter

Acting quickly is key to recovering a missing pet. Following these pro tips will help you find a lost dog or cat and avoid wasting search time.

A domestic shorthair cat looks down into a litter box

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor (and Prevent Future Incidents!)

By: Brianna Gunter

A cat peeing outside of the litter box is never fun, especially when the urine odor lingers. Learn how to clean properly and prevent future bad behavior.

A dog and cat snuggle

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