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5/29/2018 - Trupanion Receives Approval of Utility Patent for Trupanion Express

11/3/2017 - Medical insurance for pets helps Canadian pet owners face the unexpected

10/12/2017 - Trupanion Reinforces the Value of In-House Veterinary Pharmacy Services by Stressing Convenience and Care

10/9/2017 - Dogs have a chance against cancer with advanced care and financial support

10/4/2017 - Trupanion Takes the ‘Shame’ out of Cone of Shame

9/8/2017 - After the storm: keeping your pet safe after a hurricane

9/7/2017 - Trupanion Offers Tips and Resources for Pet Safety During Natural Disasters

8/25/2017 - Vet Direct Pay Revolutionizes Medical Insurance for Dogs and Cats by Eliminating the Reimbursement Model

8/3/2017 - Medical insurance makes a difference in the lives of cats and dogs

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At a glance

Founded: 2000
Founder & CEO: Darryl Rawlings
Employees: 400+
Office Pets: 300+
Headquarters: Seattle, WA

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