The name game

Are you the proud guardian of a new dog or cat? Giving a name to this furry member of your family may seem like a daunting task – a name can define your pet for the rest of his or her life. For example, here at the Trupanion office, we have Tank, a 2-pound Chihuahua with a Tank-sized personality. We have a hundred others, all with names that really showcase who they are.

We combed our kitten and puppy insurance database to offer you some common, creative, and interesting options for pet names. Look around and answer the question – what name defines my pet?

10 most popular dog names

  1. Bella

  2. Charlie

  3. Max

  4. Lucy

  5. Molly

  6. Bailey

  7. Daisy

  8. Lola

  9. Buddy

  10. Maggie

10 most popular cat names

  1. Bella

  2. Max

  3. Oliver

  4. Charlie

  5. Lucy

  6. Chloe

  7. Shadow

  8. Lily

  9. Jack

  10. Simba

10 most unique dog names

  1. Sir Willemstad of Curacao (Great Dane)

  2. Pumpkin Pillsbury (Havanese)

  3. Glee (French Bulldog)

  4. Numchucks (Pomeranian)

  5. Mia Sparrow (Labrador Retriever)

  6. Cookie Diablo (Yorkshire Terrier)

  7. Yogi Berra (Mixed Breed)

  8. Vroom Vroom (Pug)

  9. Raisin Cain (Miniature Pinscher)

  10. Beatrix Hollywoof (Yorkshire Terrier)

10 most unique cat names

  1. Skippy Snack (Domestic Shorthair)

  2. Butterscotch Lazarus (Domestic Mediumhair)

  3. Coco Beans Chanel (Norwegian Forest)

  4. Fishstick (Domestic Shorthair)

  5. Hot Dog (Domestic Shorthair)

  6. Tchotchke (Domestic Mediumhair)

  7. Nosferatu (Domestic Shorthair)

  8. Captain Scurvy Purr (Domestic Shorthair)

  9. Mr. Eddie Trouser Pants (Burmese)

  10. Bees Knees (Sphynx)

 Searching our database for the last names of the 43 individuals who have been President of the United States, we give you the top Presidential pet names.

  1. Jackson

  2. Madison

  3. Wilson

  4. Lincoln

  5. Taylor

  6. Carter

  7. Tyler

  8. Arthur

  9. Truman

  10. Nixon

Based on a list of the world’s most powerful celebrities as recorded by Forbes, we present the top ten celebrity names given to pets, based on our pet insurance database.

  1. Kobe

  2. Zooey

  3. Beckham

  4. Ashton

  5. Dre

  6. Chesney

  7. Adele

  8. Gaga

  9. Diddy

  10. LeBron

Mr Steeeven

Follow in the paw steps of our Trupanion family, and consider these pet names – 10 unique names of real Trupanion office pets.

  1. Muchachi (Domestic Shorthair)

  2. Dude (French Bulldog)

  3. Xan (Labrador Retriever)

  4. Wednesday (Boston Terrier)

  5. Fig (Pug)

  6. Wicked (Mixed Breed)

  7. Bandersnatch (Mixed Breed)

  8. Kitty (Pug)

  9. Tarmac (Mixed Breed)

  10. Mr. Steeeven (Persian)