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Good pet health starts with a responsible pet owner, and a responsible pet owner can make the best choices with pet insurance. Though you can plan for expected veterinary visits, such as regular check-ups, there's no way of predicting an injury or illness in your pet's future. We want to help ensure your pets get the veterinary care they need, which is why we put together a policy that covers 90% of the actual veterinary costs with no payout limits.

What we do

  • Do give you the power to pick what you pay by choosing a deductible you're comfortable with. No matter what you pay us, you get the same great coverage.
  • Do have common sense pricing. We use real data to determine your custom premium.
  • Do cover veterinary costs for conditions that aren't pre-existing, such as:
    • Hospital stays
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Surgeries
    • Medications
  • Do make claims quick and easy and can even pay your veterinarians directly so you're never left out of pocket.
  • Do provide 24/7 access to our pet experts.

What we don't do

  • Don't have hidden exclusions. What you see in the Trupanion policy is what you get.
  • Don't raise rates just because your pet has a birthday.
  • Don't impose limits or caps on your coverage. Whether it is $100 or $100,000, we will pay 90% of your vet bill.
  • Don't drop your coverage - for filing claims, for having an unlucky pet, for any reason at all.
  • Don't have an application process or need to have underwriters check your pet's medical records to ensure coverage. Why would we need to do that?
  • Don't share your information. It's not ours to sell. Makes sense, right?

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