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This policy information is available for residents of Washington.

Trupanion includes veterinary recommended acupuncture, rehabilitative therapy, hydrotherapy, behavioral modification, chiropractic treatment, colloidal silver treatments, gold seed therapy, homeopathy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, kidney transplants, platelet rich plasma injections, polyethylene glycol medication, shock-wave therapy and stem cell therapy in an optional Additional Care Package.

Additional Care Package solutions are often used in combination with traditional veterinary medical and surgical therapies to assist in the treatment of accidents and illnesses. The focus of these therapies is on individualizing treatment, treating the whole pet as opposed to specific signs, and promoting self-healing and pain relief. Each of these therapies is used to elicit a certain response in the pet’s body, with the ultimate goal of treating an injury or illness in the safest, least invasive, and most effective way possible.

The following therapies are included in the optional Additional Care Package. New policyholders can choose the Additional Care Package when enrolling. Existing policyholders can call our toll-free Customer Care center at 855.591.3100 to add the package to their policy.


Acupuncture is a common form of integrative medicine that brings about a physiological response that relieves pain, treats and prevents certain diseases, and prevents or eases nausea and promotes general good health.

Behavioral modification

A systematic approach to changing behavior (including a pet’s reaction to a situation, a person, a thing, an animal, etc.) provided by or under the supervision of a registered and credentialed member of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists.

Bone marrow transplants

Bone marrow transplants involve the replacement of damaged bone marrow with normal stem cells. This procedure allows veterinary oncologists to treat blood cell cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia with the most aggressive treatments possible.


Chiropractic adjustments include spinal manipulation and/or manual therapy recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian who is also a credentialed member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Colloidal silver treatments

Use of silver atoms suspended in distilled ion-less water intended to pathogens of all types, including bacteria, fungal spores, parasites and viruses.

Gold seed therapy (gamma knife)

The treatment of cancerous tumors by administering high-intensity cobalt radiation therapy, focused on a tumor by targeting gold seeds (small pieces of gold) that have been implanted into the tumor. This allows for highly specific and concentrated radiation at the tumor site.

Herbal therapy

Herbal therapy involves the use of herbs, either as single products or in combination with other herbs, for medicinal purposes. Must be recommended, prescribed and dispensed under the supervision of a licensed and credentialed veterinarian with training and experience in herbal medicine.


A system of health care that concentrates on care of the whole animal by methods that are specific, gentle and sympathetic to the body’s needs. Homeopathy is based on the utilization of specially prepared, refined dilutions of natural substances intended to trigger a healing response in a patient. Homeopathic care must be provided by, or under the supervision of, a licensed veterinarian who is a registered and certified member of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to aid in the healing and/or conditioning of a patient. Pets either swim in a pool or tank for prescribed periods of time or walk on an underwater treadmill. Hydrotherapy is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions, and muscle, ligament and other soft tissue injuries. It must be recommended by your veterinarian and provided by or under the supervision of a qualified professional (e.g., a registered and credentialed member of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute or the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians).

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment for illness or disease that involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or chamber.

Kidney transplants

A kidney transplant is a therapy that restores renal function sufficiently to support life and improve quality of life by surgically removing a kidney from a donor and implanting it into the individual who has failing kidneys. The procedure must be provided by or under the supervision of a qualified professional (e.g., a licensed and credentialed veterinarian with the necessary training and experience in kidney transplants).


Naturopathy is a system of treatment of disease that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents (air, water and herbs) and physical means (tissue manipulation and electrotherapy). Naturopathy is a holistic approach founded on the belief that diet, mental state, exercise, breathing and other natural factors are central to the origin and treatment of disease. Most naturopathic doctors use a variety of therapies and techniques (such as nutrition, behavior change, herbal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture).

Platelet rich plasma injections

Better known as PRP, this non-surgical therapy involves injecting a concentrated mixture of the patient’s own blood to stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets, PRP contains (and releases through degranulation) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.

Polyethylene glycol (medication)

More commonly known as PEG, this intravenous medication is intended for the treatment of dogs with acute weakness or paralyzed limbs. PEG works by sealing the ruptures in damaged nerve cells and preventing the nerve cells from dying. If nerve cell death occurs, more permanent mobility issues or paralysis can occur. Many pets treated appropriately with this medication showed significant mobility improvement with a few days to two weeks.

Rehabilitative therapy

Physical or rehabilitative therapy is the use of therapeutic exercises and other healing modalities to help pets recover from acute and chronic health conditions resulting from illness, trauma or surgery. It must be recommended by your veterinarian and provided by or under the supervision of a qualified professional (e.g., a registered and credentialed member of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and/or the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians). 

Shockwave therapy

Also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or ESWT, shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment of soft tissue, bone, and joint pain wherein the practitioner sends high-energy mechanical pulses to stimulate healing in the treatment area.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is a medical procedure that enables the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased tissues. It is used to treat traumatic and degenerative diseases, including bowed tendons, ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and cartilage or boney defects in dogs and cats. It must be provided by or under the supervision of a licensed and credentialed veterinarian with the necessary training and experience in stem cell therapy.

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