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At Trupanion, we strive to be upfront and honest about what our plan provides. We are a team of pet lovers who work with cats and dogs by our side, and we want all pets to receive the best insurance coverage possible.

Unfortunately, we don't think that every pet insurance company has what it takes to protect your four-legged family members. We offer 90% coverage of eligible conditions*, no payout limits, vet direct pay, and one simple plan that always provides the best coverage, because we know it will help your pet when it matters most. We stand out in the pet insurance industry, because we do what it takes to offer peace of mind to loving pet owners.

Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details

Trupanion provides more than traditional pet insurance

Our love for pets is the reason we offer insurance and why our policies are written with pets and pet owners in mind. We don't think that traditional pet insurance has what it takes to protect pets, so we differentiate ourselves by offering 'medical insurance for cats and dogs’ that puts pets first.


  • Waiting to get reimbursed for a claim and having to pay the whole portion of your bill upfront.

  • Sacrificing quality care for a cheaper monthly rate.

  • Claim payouts restricted by insurance company defined rates, and payouts not based on your actual bill.

  • Annual deductibles that keep you paying for the same condition over and over.

  • Waiting and worrying about getting in touch with your insurance provider when you need them.

  • Dropped coverage for filing too many claims or for asking for too high of a reimbursement amount.


  • Having your vet paid directly whenever possible so you aren't waiting around for reimbursement checks.

  • One simple plan that provides quality coverage when your pet needs it most.

  • Claims paid based on the actual cost of veterinary care, not what we think treatment should cost.

  • A condition based, lifetime deductible that you only pay once per issue and all its complications.

  • 24/7 support from our award-winning customer care team.

  • Never worrying about a canceled policy or increased rates just for filing claims.

Our policyholders notice the difference

“I have tried many other pet insurance companies only to be disappointed. But that all changed after joining Trupanion. Trupanion is the only company I recommend. I am overjoyed to help other families skip the trial and error method of looking for the right pet insurance.”  - Shannon C.

“I have fought with numerous other insurance companies, but I never once had to fight with Trupanion. Don't take chances with unreliable companies. Trupanion was not only the best choice, it was the greatest choice we ever made."”  - Rebecca N.

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See how Trupanion stands out from the pack

See how Trupanion stands out from the pack

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