Trupanion testimonials

From one-time incidents to lifelong ailments, Trupanion is there for pets in need. Hear from some of our favorite pet owners who were happy they joined the Trupanion family.


Ailsa the Golden Retriever
Trupanion policy covered: $20,509,71
“Ailsa had, and continues to benefit from, the finest veterinary care available because of Trupanion’s protection.”
Conditions: Sarcoma
Locations: Kingston, ON


Raidyn the cat
Trupanion policy covered: $1,222.08
“I thank you, Trupanion, for being there for us, not just for the bad days but for every day. Without Trupanion, Raidyn's quality of life would have been very restricted."
Conditions: IBD, lymphoplasmacytic enteritis, eosinophilic gastritis
Locations: Powell River, BC


Joey the dog
Trupanion policy covered: $76,727.10
“I can’t say enough as a veterinary professional and as a pet owner about the peace of mind Trupanion gives when there is a question about whether to go to the veterinarian or not. Any doubts are quickly erased because we know we are covered.”
Conditions: IMHA (immune mediated hemolytic anemia)
Locations: Edmonton, AB


Champ the yellow labrador retriever
Trupanion policy covered: $5,461.31
"Trupanion provided comfort and care over the phone each and every time I called. I can honestly say Trupanion made our situation much less stressful."
Conditions: Cranial cruciate rupture
Locations: Sydney Mines, NS


Abner the orange kitten
Trupanion policy covered: $11,378.42
“Enrolling Abner so early in his life guaranteed to me that Abner would have complete coverage for anything that could possibly happen to him; which was the best move I could have ever made.”
Conditions: Allergies, dislocated shoulder blade, inflamed ear drums, foreign body ingestion
Locations: Edmonton, AB


Ben the dog
Trupanion policy covered: $21,709.32
“Trupanion gives us the peace of mind that our dog’s safety and health will never be compromised due to financial restrictions. I can’t say thank you enough. Trupanion has saved Ben’s life and we are forever grateful.”
Conditions: Eyelid disorder, urinary tract infection, pneumonia
Locations: Calgary, AB
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