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Our mission at Trupanion is to make sure all the pets we love receive the best veterinary care. We want every pet to have the opportunity to live the longest, healthiest life possible with their family. Every day we receive stories that inspire us and remind us of the importance of this mission. 

We want to share some of these stories with you so you can rest assured that when you are part of the Trupanion family, we will be there for you when you need us most. If you would like to share your story about your pet, please email us at [email protected].

Gracie's story

Gracie's story

As a puppy, Gracie broke both her front legs when she fell 25 feet while chasing some pigeons. Major surgery was needed, but she is now back on her feet. And would you believe she still likes to chase pigeons?

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Chief the Border Collie

Chief's story

This sweet Border Collie and his family had a nightmarish few months after Chief sustaining a severe injury to his spinal cord. After intensive care and rehab, Chief is now again happy and healthy. Read Chief's story

Karen Belanger is Trupanion's first Territory Partner

First Territory Partner

Alberta Territory Partner and Trupanion's very first field representative, Karen Belanger, shares her story of how she became a part of Trupanion and is still with us over 10 years later. Read Karen's story

Dayle, a Maine Coon cat

Dayle's story

Dayle is a beautiful Maine Coon with a sassy personality. At 10 years old, he developed mast cell tumors and started an aggressive treatment plan. Read Dayle's story

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