This is Chief, a very lucky dog who survived an unpredictable life-threatening accident. He spent weeks in the intensive care unit fighting to live while placed on a mechanical ventilator. After endless amounts of expensive treatment, he is finally on the road to a full recovery. 

Chief’s owners were able to move forward with all of the recommended treatment, totaling $39,398.40 in veterinary bills, because he was enrolled with Trupanion. This is his story.

It all began after returning home from a weekend camping trip when Chief became weak and lethargic. Within a few days, he became paralyzed from the neck down and went into respiratory arrest. His owners immediately rushed him to an emergency veterinarian, who successfully stabilized him. Shortly after, he was transferred to an intensive care unit at a specialty surgery center.

It was determined that Chief had sustained a severe injury to his spinal cord. He was placed on a mechanical ventilator for three weeks. During this time, he also received constant physical therapy which kept his muscles functional and prevented his joints from stiffening.

After slow and steady progress, he was finally weaned off the ventilator. Chief continued therapy during the weeks following at a rehabilitation clinic and at home. He accomplished amazing progress, much quicker than the veterinarians anticipated. Today, his neck is still a bit crooked but he is happily running around, chasing balls and even playing with his family’s newest puppy.

“A big part of this story is the assistance we have received from our pet insurance company. Our regular vet recommended that we look into Trupanion. He told us that Trupanion was the best company he had worked with. This sentiment was echoed at each step of Chief’s journey. When we initially submitted the claim to Trupanion, we waited to hear about the limitations to our plan. Instead, they simply told us not to worry, and to do whatever we had to for our dog. They have been wonderful. We have had over $40,000 in bills so far, and Trupanion has happily paid 90% as promised. Needless to say, we highly recommend Trupanion to any pet owner. Their dedication has been just as critical to Chief’s survival as the skill of his vets.”

- Kent & Amanda M.

Many pets face unexpected life-threatening accidents or illnesses during their lifetime. Luckily, with advances in veterinary care, many of these conditions can be treated. But high-level care comes with added expense. Here are a few other dogs that were able to get the care they needed because they had a Trupanion policy.

Boone, the brown dog


Boone was found paralyzed in his backyard due to myelopathy and a collapsed congenital disc. He was on a ventilator for an entire week in horrible condition. During this time, his hospital bills were around $1,500 a day. Boone is getting better each day and his owners are happy to call him their miracle boy thanks to Trupanion. 

Mason the dog


Mason suffered from an obstruction in his small intestine due to a foreign body. After treatment and spending time in the intensive care unit, his veterinarian bills totaled $10,421.06. Mason’s owners are grateful that Trupanion covered 90% of the costs. 

Noodle the dog


Noodle began bleeding uncontrollably from his nose. His owners rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital where he almost died in their arms because of nasal arterial bleeding. His blood levels dropped so low he could no longer get oxygen to his brain, causing his body to shut down. Today, Noodle is alive and well. His owners are forever thankful Trupanion paid 90% of his $16,569.42 in veterinary bills.