Meet Dayle, a 10-year-old Maine Coon mix who from day one has been a unique cat, born with seven toes on each of his front feet. Sadly, he is now fighting a battle against mast cell tumors – one of which was found in his seventh toe. 

Cancer is expensive to treat, but Dayle has received all recommended treatment needed for him to survive. In less than one year, Trupanion has paid 90% of his veterinary bills, which have already totaled over $6,000.

In September 2013, Dayle’s owner found two lumps on his ear and toe. Shortly after the masses were removed, a biopsy confirmed they were mast cell tumors (MCT’s). The veterinarian consulted an oncologist to come up with a treatment plan. Aggressive action was recommended including an ultrasound, a spleen sample, removal of the affected toe and chemotherapy.

Dayle is currently going through round three of four chemotherapy pills to fight the mast cells. Despite treatment, countless veterinary visits and a missing toe, he hasn’t lost his sassy personality.

“I could not be happier with the amount of care and friendship Dayle has been granted through Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital’s knowledge and Trupanion’s continued coverage. The knowledge that Dayle will have coverage for anything revolving around his MCT’s is comforting.”

Like Dayle, many other Trupanion cats have battled serious illnesses. Luckily, Trupanion is able to relieve the financial stress of high treatment costs, so the owners can focus on being there for their furry family member. 

Roku the white cat


Just weeks after adoption, Roku became extremely ill. Luckily this happened during a 30 day trial with Trupanion. After emergency surgery to perform lymph node and gastrointestinal biopsies, his veterinary bills skyrocketed, totaling over $4,000. javascript:void(0);His owner was reimbursed for 90% of the entire bill. 

Cole the cat is held by his owner


Cole was diagnosed with nasal respiratory carcinoma. This is an aggressive type of cancer with no cure. The only treatment for this condition is radiation, which is very expensive. Cole’s owner is grateful Trupanion paid 90% of the $6,993.02 in veterinary bills. Without treatment, Cole’s life would have been cut very short. 

Yo the black cat


Yo was diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor in January 2013. Unfortunately a short time after, he passed away. Although Yo didn’t survive, his owner is thankful Trupanion made it possible to exhaust all options by paying for 90% of the veterinary bills, totaling $3,298.35.