Meet Gracie

Meet Gracie, a Shepherd/Husky mix who has an extreme love of pigeons. Unfortunately, this interest led her down a dangerous path, and Gracie chased a group of pigeons off a 25-foot ledge.

Amazingly, Gracie survived her fall, and after a very expensive surgery to repair several broken bones, is again a very happy, healthy, and active dog. Gracie’s owners were able to move forward with treatment because they were enrolled with pet insurance through Trupanion. This is her story.

"When we decided to get our Gracie, we didn’t have a clue about vet insurance or the need for it, but when our vet offered us a certificate for a 1 month trial we thought, 'Hey, why not?'. Well, before we even gave Trupanion a cent, we were already submiting our claim.

Gracie, like most puppies, was inquisitive, curious, and liked to chase things. One day, she started chasing a group of pigeons, and she fell through a hole, almost 25 feet, to an asphalt road below. After the terrifying rush to the nearest vet hospital, we were quoted $8,000 to $10,000 for the x-rays and possible surgeries she’d need. Upset and not knowing what to do, we called Trupanion to see what they would say. We expected the worst, knowing we didn’t have $10,000 to spend on our little puppy. The representative I spoke to told me about their preapproval program, so we didn’t have to pay the large sum up front. After numerous x-rays, we were told she’d broken both of her front legs in numerous places and would need surgery on each leg.

Trupanion took a lot of the stress out of an already very stressful situation. We are very grateful to Trupanion and their efficient helpful staff. We will continue our insurance for the rest of Gracie’s life, and recommend Trupanion to all other pet owners."

- Michael & Kerry

Other pets helped while using our certificates

Katie the dog


At the end of her 30-day certificate coverage, Katie developed Cherry Eye and needed veterinary care. Katie’s owners continued coverage to see how it would work out and were happy with their claim experience. Katie has had several health issues since, and Katie’s owners are still very happy with Trupanion.

Gus the dog


Exactly 30 days after signing up for Trupanion’s 30-day certificate, Gus ate a box of yogurt-covered raisins. After calling to confirm the policy was still active, Gus’s owners rushed him to the hospital, where he stayed for three nights. He luckily didn’t have any complications. 

Jada the German Shepherd


One week after continuing coverage after her 30-day certificate, Jada developed a serious respiratory issue. Her condition took almost a year and half to properly diagnose and treat. Efforts to diagnose and pin point the cure for her condition would have not been financially feasible without a Trupanion policy.