Trupanion Express FAQs

What does Trupanion Express do?

Simply put, Trupanion Express simplifies the pet insurance experience for hospitals and pet owners alike.

More specifically, it’s a game-changing web application that communicates with your Practice Management System so you can file and track claims, submit preapprovals, and issue certificates in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps most importantly, with start to finish claim processing available at checkout, your clients no longer have to be reimbursed because Trupanion Express allows us to pay your hospital directly for most claims. 

How does it benefit my practice?

Trupanion Express is our solution for busy veterinary practices. As a result, your clients will thank you for making their lives easier by getting rid of the traditional reimbursement model and the extra printing, signature collecting, and faxing that comes with it. And as you know, happy pet owners make loyal clients.

We make most claim Trupanion Express decisions within 5 minutes, so you know what’s covered before pet owners finish checking out. Plus, Trupanion Express can help reduce credit card transaction fees and keep pharmacy sales in your hospital.

Plus, we have a dedicated support team for Trupanion Express hospitals and we’ll send supporting material to proudly display the fact that you chose to give pet owners with the Trupanion policy an exceptional experience by offering direct payment at checkout. 

Is it hard to set up?

Absolutely not! Access Trupanion Express in a matter of minutes at no cost to your hospital. With the simple, self-install process, your practice will be up and running quickly. A wealth of training and self-help features are included in the application, so you have the information you need, when you need it.

What about the age-old “I don’t have time” problem?

Then Trupanion Express is especially for you because it actually saves you time. We understand how busy you are and want you to focus on helping pets — not on time-consuming paperwork, tedious administrative tasks, or learning yet another complicated computer program.

Not only does Trupanion Express increase your team’s efficiency by simplifying your insurance workflow, it’s also intuitive and user-friendly, so learning the application will be a breeze for your staff. 

How does it change how I submit claims?

Submitting claims takes just a few clicks, and you’ll no longer have to worry about printing and filling out claim forms — just select from recent invoices to auto-populate the electronic form and the claim is ready to submit.

Also, we sped up the claims process — most direct pay claims are paid within 5 minutes, and almost all remaining claims are paid that same day. We’ll tell you how much we’re depositing into your account, so all you need to do is collect any remaining balance from the pet owner.

You don’t have to wait to receive payment from us either. We deposit our payments directly into your hospital’s account on a daily basis. 

What’s all the buzz about direct pay?

The Trupanion Express direct pay feature drastically improves the claim payment experience for pet owners and hospitals alike — and hundreds of hospitals across Canada and the US are already enjoying the time and effort saved with it.

Traditionally, when pet owners file claims, they pay their entire bill and wait out-of-pocket — sometimes for weeks — until their insurance company sends a reimbursement cheque. We think this is a poor experience for pet owners, and our goal is to eliminate the reimbursement model.

With Trupanion Express, pet owners get an easy, speedy claims process and know whether or not most claims are covered before they’re finished checking out. This way, they only have to pay their part of the bill at checkout: their deductible (if any), 10% copay, the exam fee, sales tax where applicable, and any costs not covered by insurance.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

I wish more pets at my hospital were protected with insurance — can Trupanion Express help?

Trupanion Express makes recommending pet health insurance easier than ever. We get it, it can be uncomfortable to bring up pet insurance with clients — and sometimes you’re just so busy that you forget to talk about it. 

If you already give Trupanion certificates to pet owners, you know how great of a tool they are to help your team start the conversation about insurance with pet owners. Trupanion Express makes the certificate program even easier.  

With just a few clicks, you can offer pet owners electronic certificates from the exam room or checkout counter. Pet owners receive it in their email inbox in a matter of minutes, and they can activate their immediate coverage directly from the email within 24 hours after the exam. 

Will Trupanion Express work with my Practice Management System?

Trupanion Express is currently compatible with the following Practice Management Systems:

  • AVImark
  • Cornerstone
  • ImproMed Infinity
  • VIA

We’re working hard to add more compatible systems, so if yours isn’t compatible right now, just hold tight! Read more about system requirements here.


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