Why spend time discussing financial options when you can deliver just the right treatment?

Imagine no longer having difficult conversations about the costs of medical care with pet owners or dealing with paper claims and long approval times. Trupanion Express, our free desktop app, can help you save time and remove financial barriers to treatment for more pets in your practice. Best of all, there is no cost to your hospital to use Trupanion Express. Our dedicated team provides you with support, including 24/7 customer service, in-person hospital visits, and educational materials to share with your clients. 

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Trupanion Express is designed to support hospitals

Claim form on a computer


Submit claims and pre-approvals online.


Your clients pay their portion of the bill at checkout.


Claim decisions made in less than 5 minutes.


We pay directly to you, reducing your credit card fees up to 90%.

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"Trupanion Express sets Trupanion apart. Other insurance companies will reimburse you, but who has $3,000 sitting in an account? Trupanion Express removes that obstacle.

If I could make one change to the vet profession, I would urge every doctor and practice to recommend pet insurance. There is no downside to Trupanion and Trupanion Express."

Dane Foxwell, DVM
Viscaya-Prado Vet Hospital

"We strive to offer the best medicine and care for our furry patients. By doing that we educate our clients about the many benefits that Trupanion has to offer to all pet owners. As a veterinary nurse, when I discuss the importance of pet insurance with pet owners, I highlight that with Trupanion there's a no-fuss, no-wait reimbursement through Trupanion Express.

Thank you, Trupanion for simplifying the new era of veterinary medicine and allowing pet owners nationwide to be financially capable to get their fur babies the best care possible!"

Crystal Monroe, Veterinary Nurse
Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad

"Trupanion Express is really user-friendly. I had no idea installation would be this easy, and using the software really requires no training.

We love the ease of seeing which of our clients are covered at a glance, and who we need to offer trials to.

Our clients are very happy with the pay-to-hospital feature - it completely takes the question of whether or not to treat an accident or injury off the table!"

Shanna Peterson, Practice Manager
Rose City Veterinary Hospital

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Trupanion Express features

Electronic claims

Submit online claims with a click of a button. Your clients will know exactly what is covered in minutes, as claim decisions are made at the time of checkout.

Direct Payments

Trupanion pays directly to your hospital in minutes. All you have to do is bill the remaining balance to your clients at checkout. Pet owners don't have to pay the full bill upfront and wait for the reimbursement check. 

Seamless integration

Easy to install and use, Trupanion Express seamlessly communicates with your practice management system. View all your appointments for the day and see which pets already have Trupanion for instant claim payments.

Exam Day Offers

Give your clients immediate coverage with an Exam Day Offer. Available within 24 hours after the exam, this special offer waives waiting periods and enrollment fees. Pet owners can activate this email offer on their phones before they even leave the hospital.

Impact reports

Get at-a-glance view of how many pets you have helped by introducing them to Trupanion and how many claims were paid directly to your practice. Reports can also be customized and downloaded fo in-depth analytics.

Still have more questions about Trupanion Express? Please check out our FAQs page.