Breed Characteristics to Share with Clients

By: Steve Weinrauch, Chief Veterinary Officer

Before joining Trupanion, as a practicing veterinarian, one of the things I found most interesting about the company was the amount of data they had to share. Some of the information I already knew from pattern recognition and clinical experience, but some was new and useful to me when communicating with clients.

Now, as CVO at Trupanion, I wanted to continue sharing these insights and data. Most recently, our analysts looked into our database to investigate how frequently various conditions arise in different breeds. You’re no doubt familiar with how common hip dysplasia is in large breeds, or which dogs are prone to allergies, but do you know what the costs of treating these conditions are on an annual basis? We hope you’ll be able to find some nuggets of information in the results that will help you communicate to clients.

This week we’re going to take an in-depth look at Shih Tzus, Labradoodles, Boxers, and the Havanese. If you have clients with these breeds, feel free to share the information with them. 

breed chart

While there are similarities in the claims of many young dogs — according to our data, each of these breeds claimed Emesis as a top driver of veterinary costs in puppies under 2 years old — as pets mature different trends emerge.

While pet owners may budget in the cost of annual vet exams, many don’t anticipate the likelihood that their animal will have an expensive condition in their life. Trupanion is here to help with those unexpected costs. When pet owners bring in their healthy Shih Tzu or Boxer puppies, remember how our certificate program is here to help them grow into happy adult dogs and provide peace of mind along the way.


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