Standing By the Veterinary Profession

By Alison Andrew, Vice President of Marketing

vun-barkingmadIn Response to Barking Mad on CBC Marketplace

On October 4, 2013, the Trupanion team heard that Canadian broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada was planning to air a segment disparaging the veterinary profession on the television program Marketplace. CBC ran repeated trailers for the program, and it was clear that the show was not going to be a “good news” story for veterinarians.

The allegations CBC leveled at the veterinary profession were absolutely not mirrored in our own experience. In fact, we know that our customers hold their veterinary teams in the highest regards — but instead of keeping that information to ourselves we decided to take a very public stance.

The Trupanion team immediately built an email survey — short and to the point — that could be sent to Trupanion policyholders in Canada. In addition, we published a public response in support of the veterinary profession. This statement was issued to Canadian media and received further reach through postings in newspapers’ “Dear Editor” columns, Twitter, Facebook, the Trupanion blog and veterinary association websites in both Canada and the United States.

Having sent out the email to policyholders in Canada we received almost 10,000 responses to our questions:

  1. Do you think that your veterinarian always gives a great level of service and care?

    93% said yes, they always receive a great level of service and care from their veterinarian.

  2. Do you trust your vet to give the best veterinary care?

    94% said yes, they trust their veterinarian to give the best veterinary care.

  3. Would you recommend your veterinarian to friends and family to treat their pets?

    93% said yes, they would recommend their veterinarian to their friends and family to treat their pets.

All of this information is available on Trupanion's blog, so feel free to share it. If you’d like more information on responses from your specific patients please let us know, we are happy to share it with you directly.

While this may be one particular response to an issue, it is an example of our constant and continued support of your profession.
Did you see the CBC Marketplace show? What were your thoughts? Let us know!

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