Tools You Can Use: Puppy & Kitten Flyers

By: Colleen O'Leary, Director of Marketing

This time of year, many families welcome a new four-legged member into their homes — meaning more visits to the veterinarian and more chances to educate responsible pet owners.

In 2014, we developed two flyers to help new puppy and kitten owners get started on the right foot — or paw. They ended up being two of our most popular flyers, helping thousands of new pet owners across North America understand the lifetime of happiness — and responsibility — they were in for with their new puppy or kitten.

Here is what these flyers look like:



These flyers help pet owners navigate the journey of adding a new pet to their family. They provide valuable information about the first year of life for puppies and kittens, something many new pet owners don’t really think about as they gaze lovingly into the sweet eyes of their new addition.

I want to point out that these flyers don’t mention how medical insurance should be considered for these pets or attempt to make a sale; these are purely educational. We simply want to become a source of pet care information — after all, we are a company that truly cares about pets.

If you are interested in these flyers for your practice, please reach out to your local Territory Partner. If you are unsure who your local TP is, email our Veterinary Engagement team or call them directly at 855.727.9085.

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