Supporting Your Practice With What You Need

By Alison Andrew, Chief Marketing Officer

vun-dianepollockA Network of Support

Trupanion is not only leading the way in growing the market for pet insurance in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico — we also lead the field in the support we can offer to our partner practices in each country.

We have the largest team of field support of any company in this category with our network of more than 65 Territory Partners. Each has a defined coverage area, offering all the support that your practice could need and backed by the expert team at our home office.

How Your Territory Partner Can Help

Your Territory Partner is on hand to:

  • Meet with your team and go through an in-clinic presentation/training/lunch ‘n’ learn to help you understand what Trupanion does and how to get started with us. They will also provide ongoing training as things change in our industry and when new staff is hired.

  • Provide practical help on how to talk with clients about pet insurance and increase the number of insured pets in your practice.

  • Supply you with the support materials you need in your practice — including our very popular and valuable 30-day certificates, brochures, posters, copy for your website, videos, visual displays for your waiting room and more.

  • Take you through the claims process, explaining what is needed and how it works, as well as helping you to understand the Trupanion process to make the client experience as seamless as possible for your staff and clients.

  • Report on the number of clients enrolling pets and submitting claims from within your practice and the type of claims processed.

Whether your practice is in Canada, the US, or Puerto Rico we can provide you with the support you need. Even in territories where we don’t yet have Territory Partners, we can support you by phone, Skype, or webinar.

Find Your Territory Partner

If you want a visit from us, please email us at VetEngage@Trupanion.com.

Trupanion Territory Partners are dedicated professionals who love what they do. Whatever your need, we hope you’ll get in touch with them and see just what Trupanion can do for your practice and pet owners.

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