Tru Story: Blu

By: Heather Kalinowski, Communications Director

V02N06_BluThe best way to understand Trupanion and our approach to pet medical insurance is to hear stories straight from the mouths of policyholders.

This picture is of Blu, a mixed breed dog in Colorado who enrolled with Trupanion in September 2014. You can see where he gets his name — look at those eyes!

Blu’s owner, Angela, calls Blu “Blu from the Block.” Here is what she had to say about her experience with Trupanion:

“When we adopted Blu, he was just 3 pounds and smaller than our shoe. He outgrew everyone’s expectations! At two years, he was mostly legs and weighed 65 pounds. Watching him run and play, we knew that we needed pet medical insurance.

Unfortunately, Blu ended up needing to use his coverage. He tore his CCL, which we now know is a pretty common injury in large breed dogs. Blu's surgery was $3,300 and rehab was $500. For most of us, that is a struggle to pay. We were lucky, and so was Blu, because we weren’t alone! With Trupanion's help, we could afford all that we needed to do for Blu.

Our great veterinarian Dr. Donald Dodge and his staff at Jasper Animal Hospital in Louisville, Colorado, the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kerrihard, our rehab specialist Maime Whitman from Dog Rehab Works and the pain specialist Dr. Patsy Mich at OrthoPets in Denver all did an amazing job for Blu. What a collaborative effort! It's because of all of them that Blu is running around happy and healthy and wanting everyone on the block to hear his story.”


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