Tru Story: Blitzen

By Heather Kalinowski, Communications Director

Blitzen is a five-month-old mixed breed puppy owned by Kip, a veterinary technician for 21 years. In March 2014, Blitzen was inadvertently fed a handful of grapes. Three days of hospitalization, IV fluids, lab work, and $3,000 later, Blitzen was on his way to a full recovery.*

While the event was stressful, Kip was grateful to have the peace of mind that Blitzen was covered under a Trupanion policy.

“Too many times in my career I have seen clients make emergency and critical decisions about their beloved pet’s medical care, based on cost,” said Kip. “From a veterinary professional standpoint, I highly recommend Trupanion to any pet owner. They are very organized, make claim filing easy, and submit payment quickly. But more importantly, from a dog mom’s perspective, I could not be happier with Trupanion’s customer service and quick response to claims. They always communicate with me immediately after I submit a claim and always ask how Blitzen is doing." 

Blitzen has visited the hospital a few other times with less critical issues, but each time Kip was able to allow the doctors to do whatever they deemed necessary, in the best interest of her puppy’s health, while Trupanion took care of the majority of the cost.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please see our policy at Trupanion.com/pet-insurance for complete details. Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc. Underwritten by Omega General Insurance Company (Canada) and American Pet Insurance Company (USA): 907 NW Ballard Way, Seattle, WA 98107


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