Pricing and Value Proposition

Over the last 10 years, 7 rate increases have been introduced in order to adjust premiums to share the risk equally and fairly among all policyholders. Not one penny of those rate changes was used to pay administration costs or overhead. In fact, Trupanion’s administrative costs and overhead have decreased as a percentage of premiums year over year, allowing the company to be more efficient and to offer policyholders the best value we can.

How does this impact you as a customer?

Insurance offers financial security that a savings account can’t match. As a pet owner, you just never know when your pet will get sick. We’re here for 90% coverage of eligible expenses with no limit regardless of how much you've paid in premiums.*

How Trupanion’s medical insurance for pets is different from the competition

Trupanion helps allow policyholders to be liberal with veterinary care since our policy reimburses 90% of the actual costs of covered veterinary care with no limits on payout. Trupanion policies allow pet owners to see any veterinarian they choose with no benefit fee schedules or "usual and customary" payouts. Instead of operating from a set schedule or payout amount, insurance premiums are priced to cover 90% of covered costs with no limit, no matter where the pet goes for care or how much the total bill costs.

“We understand that as veterinary medicine advances, there will be newer and more expensive ways to treat pets so pet owners are able to keep their pets happy and healthy longer. We do not want to tell a policyholder that they have to treat their pet with outdated medicine because we don’t want to pay for the new, better way of doing things.” 
-Darryl Rawlings, CEO

Trupanion company values

Our goal is to offer the best possible value to each individual policyholder. As a result of this, rates need to be occasionally adjusted to ensure that we are able to continue to offer the best possible coverage.

Trupanion has always operated under certain values. There are no penalties to the pet owner for making claims. Other types of insurance, such as car insurance, charge more for making claims. However, since pet owners have no control whether their pets get sick or injured, Trupanion does not believe in penalizing pet owners if they make claims.

Instead of dictating what is best for pet owners, Trupanion allows pet owners to determine with their veterinarian what is the best option for their pet.
The cost of insurance is directly related to the cost of providing the best policy on the market. As the cost of care increases, the cost of insurance will too. “The price may change, but the value is the same,” said Rawlings.

* Terms and conditions apply. See our policy for details

"I could not be happier with the amount of care and friendship Dayle received through our veterinary hospital's knowledge and Trupanion’s continued coverage. The knowledge that Dayle will have coverage for anything related to his mast cell tumors is comforting."
- Carrie-Ann L.
Condition: Mast cell tumors
Trupanion Paid: $1,203.93

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