A dog sits at their desk at workA dog sits at their desk at workA dog sits at their desk at work
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BYOD: Bring your own dog

Make your office friendlier to dogs, more fun for your team, and more attractive to new employees.

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Introducing Working K-9 to 5

Working K-9 to 5 is a joint effort between Trupanion, provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs, Mud Bay, the largest employee-owned natural pet food and supplies store, and Seattle Humane, Puget Sound's leader in animal adoption, education, and welfare: three of the biggest names in pets and pet lovers.

It's a win/win

Having pets in the office makes folks three times more likely to form positive working relationships and perceive their company more favorably. Productivity and focus increase, and the various health benefits of pet interactions can result in fewer sick days taken.3, 4

Everybody's doing it

93% of pet owners want to bring their pet to work.1 The percentage of companies allowing pets in the office has increased 125% since 2014.2 So what's stopping your company? In a lot of cases, it's simply inertia -- and we can help. All those benefits make it a great way to stand out when it comes to attracting top talent.


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