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Health Concerns for a Golden Retriever


A Golden Retriever is the ultimate companion. They're loving, eager to please, intelligent, and good-natured dogswho are willing to accompany you on any adventure. With pet insurance, your Golden will be covered no matter where life takes you.

Golden Retrievers are prone to certain health conditions that may change throughout the course of their life. Puppies often get their mouths on things they shouldn't, and exuberant adolescents can run into joint problems. As your Golden reaches their golden years, it's important to watch for signs of arthritis and cancer.

We know that your Golden is more than just a pet. And we want to help protect them. Together, we can give your Golden a long, happy, healthy life. 

A Word From Other Golden Retriever Owners

Golden Retriever_Testimonial_Mimsy


“Trupanion has been a financial life saver for us. When Mimsy was just a puppy, a little boy was visiting us and he accidentally dropped his toy alien. We had no idea that Mimsy ingested it until months later when she needed surgery because she wasn’t feeling well. My vet called me and asked "Has your dog been abducted by aliens?" I had no idea what he was talking about until he showed me the retrieved alien!”

Bear_Golden Retriever


“With Trupanion you never feel hopeless or helpless. You can rest assured Trupanion has your back and more importantly has your best friend’s back. We love Trupanion and we are extremely grateful for such a solid gold company. We will never be without it for our pets. Trupanion is fast, dependable, affordable, and very trustworthy."

Did you know?

Golden Retrievers were developed in the early 1800s in Scotland as hunting dogs. Although they're still used for hunting, Goldens excel at many other activities including search and rescue and guide work. 

Top 5 Golden Retriever Names

  • Murphy
  • Cody
  • Scout
  • Sunny
  • Hunter

Did you know?

Golden Retrievers are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in North America due to their even temperament and sunny disposition.


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