A young woman cuddling and kissing a fluffy brown and black dog in the sunlightA young woman cuddling and kissing a fluffy brown and black dog in the sunlightA young woman cuddling and kissing a fluffy brown and black dog in the sunlight

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Whether you're planning your next litter or you're here in between all-night bottle-feeding sessions, we can help.

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We pride ourselves on providing awesome support, but we know support from your peers can be invaluable. Trupanion's Breeder Partners share valuable information, advise best practices, network and receive promotional gifts through our private Breeder Support Group on Facebook.

Breeder Partner FAQ

You have questions, we have answers.

We have a Refer a Breeder program — you can sign up here to get started. Once you create an account, you’ll have a personalized referral link you can provide them. If they’re approved to join our program, you’ll earn a $25 Visa gift card.

In order to receive credit, they must use your link or you must enter them in the “Submit a Referral” section.

No. The buyer must be the one who activates their offer. There are two reasons:

  1. It's illegal for somebody to activate insurance in someone else's name unless you're a properly licensed producer/agent.
  2. When a breeder activates, buyers don't understand what they're getting and it can result in confusion about coverage, resulting in a poor experience for the buyer.

You can set up an automated email to let them know about the offer, however, and they can activate the day before go home to insure coverage is in effect upon go home.

The activation period begins 24 hours prior to pick up and ends 24 hours after.

If buyers do not activate within this window, their offer will expire and they will need to enroll in a standard policy with waiting periods or see if their veterinarian provides Exam Day Offers. We are unable to make exceptions.

The pet is held longer as a show prospect, but ultimately rehomed?
Yes! A Go Home Day Offer would still apply.

The pet is going to a guardian home?
Yes! Guardian homes are, for our purposes, the new owners, since the pet lives with them and they are responsible for non-breeding costs.

The pet is going to training before they go to their new home?
Yes, but buyers must still activate their Go Home Day Offer within 24 hours of their pet leaving for training. If you, the breeder, are providing that training, buyers must activate the offer within 24 hours of the pet turning 8 weeks old.

The breeding pet is being retired and rehomed?
No. Our Go Home Day Offer is meant for pets under a year old and retired breeding pets are outside of this age range. In these cases, we recommend buyers request an Exam Day Offer from their veterinarian to get Trupanion coverage.

I am keeping a pet from the litter?
No. The Trupanion Go Home Day Offer requires a transfer of ownership. In this instance, we would recommend you request an Exam Day Offer from your veterinarian at your pet’s first visit.

No. While a lot of breeders have asked for this, it's not something that our current billing system supports. If you want to pay for your buyers, you would need to put your own payment information on the account, and then have the buyer call and switch it to their own payment information once the period of time ends.

Your buyers are free to redeem either your personal Go Home Day Offer or an Exam Day Offer from a veterinarian. However, breeders should not distribute veterinarian offers (and vice versa). Your Go Home Day Offer is unique to your kennel or cattery, and has fewer requirements for buyers to meet; they simply need to activate the offer within 24 hours of bringing their pet home.

Our pricing model does not allow us to offer breeder discounts at this time.

No. At this time, we have no group plan for breeders. Each dog must be enrolled individually. However, the Trupanion Policy does offer a rider with coverage specific to the risks associated with breeding animals.

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