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FAQs on continuing your coverage

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Though you can continue your coverage at any point, you'll get all of these great benefits if you continue today:

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Exam Day Offer FAQs

We created the Trupanion Exam Day Offer Program so you can get to know the Trupanion policy while you’re covered. Want the lowdown on our Offers? We answered some of the most frequently asked questions. The Program varies depending on where you live — so these FAQs are only valid for the certificate program in SC, ID, FL, NY, WA, PA, or Puerto Rico. If you don’t live in one of these areas, learn about your Offers here.

Offers provide pets 30 days of medical insurance coverage from the full Trupanion policy with:

  • No upfront payment
  • No waiting periods

The most common way to get a certificate is from your veterinarian after an exam, but you can also get a certificate when you bring home your new pet from one of hundreds of breeders and shelters that partner with us.

In order to keep seamless coverage and avoid waiting periods after 30 days, you must provide payment information within 30 days of activating your Offer.

Certificates provide the full benefits of the comprehensive Trupanion policy — 90% coverage for the cost to treat new injuries and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditionss, with no payout limits. To learn more about coverage, check out the policy.

That means that you’re covered for all of this (and more) for eligible conditions:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries 
  • Medications
  • Hospital stays
  • Supplements
  • And much more

We never want to surprise you with any hidden exclusions or limits. The Trupanion policy does not cover:

  • Routine preventive care
  • Exam fees
  • Sales tax (where applicable)
  • Pre-existing conditions

While the Trupanion policy covers all new injuries and illnesses, like all pet insurance policies, it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. If you pet shows symptoms of a condition before activation, it’s considered pre-existing and ineligible for coverage.

Certificates have a $250 per condition deductible. If you want to continue coverage, you can learn more about deductibles and how to change them here

While your policy picks up 90% of eligible treatment costs, we ask you to cover the other 10% plus a couple of other things:

  • The exam fee
  • Your $250 deductible (you can change this amount when you enroll)
  • Sales tax (where applicable)

Great! We still encourage you to activate your Offer because it waives waiting periods. That way your pet receives immediate coverage without any lapses.

You can continue coverage at any time during the 30 days by providing your payment information. You can call us at 855.331.8003 or continue coverage online.

If you choose to not provide payment information within 30 days, you’ll receive a cancellation notice and your pet will no longer be insured due to failed payment. We encourage you to continue to receive seamless coverage and avoid potential pre-existing conditions. 

If in the future you change your mind and want to protect your pet, your pet’s coverage will have the standard waiting periods of 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses.

No, each pet can only use one certificate. 

If you forgot to activate within the 24-hour window, we still recommend enrolling to prevent any future mishaps or ailments being ineligible for coverage. 

Of course — we encourage you to! After you activate your first certificate, just log into the policyholder Member Portal to activate certificates for your other pets within 24 hours of their exam.
We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.