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As VCA's preferred provider of medical insurance for pets, Trupanion is the perfect complement to CareClub because both kick in where the other leaves off. While CareClub wellness plans cover routine and preventive care, Trupanion is here for the unexpected — testing and treatment for all new injuries and illnesses.

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Trupanion + VCA CareClub®: 360° of coverage

When you have insurance for the unexpected and a wellness plan for preventive care, you get peace of mind knowing your pet's covered for everything — from checkups to chicken bones.

360° of care for your pet

Together, VCA CareClub® and Trupanion can help provide your pet with comprehensive coverage for both the routine and the unforeseen


For expected & routine treatment

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Affordable wellness care for pets of all ages.

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Includes unlimited exams, recommended vaccines and lab work, spay/neuter,* and dental cleaning.**

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Focus on early detection and disease prevention.


For unexpected illnesses & injuries

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Only the Trupanion policy allows you to enroll your pet anytime from birth until their 14th birthday, for lifelong coverage.

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Covers 90% of the cost of testing & treatment for all new injuries and illnesses with no payout limits or penalties for filing claims.

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Helps provide financial support for the "what ifs."

Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details.

*Included in Junior Paws+ plans. **Included in Adult Paws+ and Senior Paws+ plans.

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This special offer gives you the full protection of a Trupanion policy plus these extra perks:


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