A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten

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Four Essential DIY Homemade Cat Toys to Gift Your Best Friend

By: Kelli Rascoe

Nothing is more unique than creating your own gifts for your furry family members. Naturally, enrichment is a wonderful way to bond with your cat. So why not consider incorporating homemade cat toys during playtime? We sat down with the Trupanion pet program team to learn more about homemade cat toys to make and the importance of cat enrichment.

Soft cat holds a homemade toy between its paws

Homemade cat toys for your furry family member

1. Feather string toy

Whether you have a kitten or adult cat, string toys are a fun way to interact with your best friend. Also, when you add on items like bells and feathers it helps the enrichment experience. For example, different textures and sounds provide mental and emotional stimulation. Fortunately, “feather string toys are easy to make, and you can add different accessories to enhance the fun,” says Marmol. Consider double knotting an assortment of strings for a versatile play session. Further, feather string toys can be dangled on furniture, placed in a cat carrier, or put in your bag while on the go.

2. Scratching post

Cats love to stretch and scratch. Alternatively, cats scratch for a variety of reasons, from everything to play or to sharpen their claws. Consider adding a scratching post to your cat-friendly living space. For instance, “you can make an easy scratching post by wrapping a coarse string around a piece of tubing, wood, or even a box,” points out Marmol. A homemade cat toy, like a scratching post, can help curb any behavior cues or be an outlet for unwanted stress. For an additional resource on cats and scratching, read this article.

3. Treat puzzle toys

If you have a curious kitten in your home, a treat puzzle toy would make a great addition to your homemade cat toys collection. Puzzle toys allow your feline to learn, explore, and work for their special treat. For example, a puzzle toy can be made with sturdy cardboard and glue,” states Marmol. In addition, you can design the size and style with your cat's interest in mind.

4. A box

Have you brought home new toys for your furry family member and all they wanted was to sit in a random box or bag? Consider gifting your feline a plain box. Chances are they’ll sit and sleep to their heart’s content! Also, “an empty toilet paper roll, crinkly bag, or crumpled receipt provides hours of fun,” inserts Marmol. For more on cats and boxes, read here.

The benefits of creating your own homemade cat toys

When you design your own homemade cat toys it allows you the opportunity to be creative and personalize the present for your best friend. Also, you know what the toys are made of which may help prevent your pet from eating something toxic. Rather, whether you buy your cat’s toys or create them yourself you should always be mindful of your pet’s behavior. If your cat appears off or if they’ve ingested a piece of it, seek the medical care of your veterinarian.

Homemade cat toys give your feline the chance to explore, play, and have fun

Give the gift of a homemade cat toy this season. It gives them a personalized interaction that’s made from the heart. Whether your adventurous Maine Coon cat likes string or your adult domestic short-hair cat appreciates a good scratching post, your feline can find fun and bonding time rolled into one!

To discover more about cat behavior, read Why Do Cats Knead? 

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