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An Essential New Puppy Supplies Checklist for Pet Owners

By: Kelli Rascoe

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If you recently brought home a new furry family member, we have a new puppy supplies checklist that could help you out in this hectic time. Whether you want to start potty training or need the basic puppy items, preparation is important to keep things running smoothly. We sat down with Trupanion veterinary technician Aubrey Halvorsen to learn more about the importance of prepping your house for your new best friend.

A new puppy supplies checklist for the puppy owner

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1. Identification

If you have your furry friend’s name picked out, make it official and have their nametag ready upon pickup. In addition, having identification available is helpful during transport and traveling with your pet.

2. Collar, harness, and leash

Puppies move quickly, so stay prepped by getting their collar, harness, and leash before bringing home your furry friend. This is a Trupanion new puppy supplies checklist must-have!

3. Water and food bowls

Your growing pup needs proper nutrients and hydration. For that reason, have your water and food bowls ready upon arrival. Naturally, this will be a favorite spot for your puppy!

4. Carrier

When you have a growing puppy, you may need to visit the veterinarian often for wellness and development check-ups. Consider a carrier to transport your furry friend so they have their own safe and comfortable space.

5. Puppy gate and crate

Puppies are curious and may get into things they shouldn’t. Consider adding a puppy gate and crate in your home so your puppy can play and relax in a pet-friendly space. Also, a crate can be effective when training your new best friend.

6. Puppy potty pads

Let’s face it – pets are messy. Consider adding puppy potty pads to your new puppy supplies checklist to avoid extra clean up.

7. Puppy chew toys

Naturally, there is nothing like playing with a puppy. In fact, interacting and playing with your furry friend has many health benefits for humans and pets alike! Consider scheduling proper time to play and bond with your new puppy. In fact, the whole family can enjoy this activity together.

8. Puppy bed

Your new best friend needs their own space to curl up and rest. Consider picking out a puppy bed that meets their needs, as well as taking into consideration their breed and potential size.

Taking this list to your local pet store? Download your own checklist here!

The importance of prepping for your new puppy

There are many aspects to consider before bringing home your new furry friend. Halvorsen points out the importance of research and pet owner responsibility.

“Before adopting a new pet you should make sure that you are ready for a lifelong commitment. New pet readiness goes beyond food bowls, a bed, and a leash. Make sure you are ready to have a new companion in your life. Research some veterinary clinics in your area and make your new pet visit shortly after adoption. Talk to your veterinarian about a good diet for your new pet. Further, your veterinarian can also advise if a crate if right for your pet and other basic husbandry needs.”

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New puppy supplies checklist: ready to meet your new furry friend

By incorporating a new puppy supplies checklist into your planning, you will be prepped and ready for the big day. Check-in and consult with your veterinarian, to make sure your new furry family member settles in no time at all.

What are some of your favorite new puppy supplies for your checklist?

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