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Your bill can be paid before you leave the veterinarian

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The Trupanion policy will work in every veterinary practice across North America. Even if direct pay isn’t available yet at your regular hospital, you still get our same great coverage and easy claims process.

You get one simple and reliable plan

All pets get the same high-quality coverage for all unexpected injuries and illnesses. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose a monthly price that fits your budget. 
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All eligible claims are covered at 90% with no restrictions on hereditary or congenital issues

No Payout Limits Icon


No limits or caps on how much the policy will pay out on eligible claims — ever

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Your pet will always be priced at the age at which they enrolled, and we don't raise rates because you file claims

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

You know exactly what your policy will cover

Illnesses and injuries, such as:

  • Bite wounds
  • Foreign body ingestion
  • Patella luxation
  • Allergies
  • Kidney disease
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Urinary obstructions

Conditions your breed may be prone to (hereditary and congenital) such as:

  • Cherry eye
  • Diabetes
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Thyroid disease
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease


  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Medications
  • Veterinary supplements
  • Herbal therapy
  • Prosthetic devices and carts
The only things we don’t cover are the expected costs. This includes wellness care, exam fees, taxes (where applicable), and pre-existing conditions.

You get more with Trupanion

Other providers offer


Cheap coverage

This may be appealing at first glance, but what happens after one year with the policy?

  • Price can skyrocket year after year
  • No coverage for the things most likely to happen to your pet — hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Previously covered conditions may now be pre-existing

Mid-range coverage

Some of the concerns with cheap coverage are gone. But what happens when your pet gets older?

  • Your rates may automatically increase just because your pet has a birthday
  • There may be caps or limits on how much they can pay out in claims

High-quality coverage

At Trupanion, we want to be by your pet's side for their entire life. That means...

  • Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions
  • No caps or limits on the amount we pay out
  • No automatic rate increases just because your pet celebrates a birthday

We love informed decisions. Check out our full policy for complete coverage details.

Only Trupanion has more positive reviews than any other pet insurance provider

When our members feel the peace of mind we help provide, they can’t wait to write a review to help other pet owners. That’s why Trupanion has more total reviews than any other pet insurance company.

As of February 2019, we have been reviewed 15,635 times across Google, Pet Insurance Reviews (US only), Yelp, BBB, Consumer Affairs, and Trust Pilot. The average for all pet insurance providers is less than 7,000 reviews.

Complete coverage, fast claims, and great customer service – these are just a few of the many perks our members love.

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