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Note: This information applies to pet owners who live in Canada and the United States except for California, Florida, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, and Puerto Rico.

  • For residents of Florida, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, and Puerto Rico, please visit this page.

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We’re here to answer your questions

Even if you’ve just received a certificate, are thinking about upgrading coverage, or are wanting to learn how to get a certificate.
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What is a certificate?

The Trupanion certificate program was created so pet owners with healthy, young pets that have been examined by their veterinarian or adopted from a shelter or breeder can experience the Trupanion policy for 30 days without coverage waiting periods and for no upfront cost.

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How do I get a certificate?

Veterinarians, shelters, and breeders who are part of our certificate programs can offer certificates after either a veterinarian exam or adoption (depending on the type of certificate). Talk to your primary veterinarian, your shelter or your breeder to see if they offer Trupanion certificates.

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How is it similar to enrolling in a full policy?

Everything that’s covered in a full policy is covered under our certificate program. There’s no caps, limits, or penalties for filing claims. You’ll have access to our award-winning customer care team, available 24/7 to answer any questions.

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How is it different from the full policy?

It waives waiting periods, so your pet is covered for any new injury or illness that’s not pre-existing. You’ll have a $250 deductible for each eligible condition that occurs during the 30 day certificate period. This special offer needs to be activated within 24 hours, so make sure you call or go online to activate your certificate as soon as possible.

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What happens after the 30 days are up?

The coverage will end unless you decide to continue your coverage by purchasing a policy. You can continue coverage at any point during the 30 days, and won’t be charged until your 30 day certificate coverage period expires. If you decide to let the 30 day certificate coverage lapse, you won't be charged at all. However, if the 30 day certificate coverage ends, and later on you decide to purchase a policy, your coverage under that policy will be subject to usual waiting periods (see policy for details) and any new injury or illness that was covered during the certificate period would be considered pre-existing.

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What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We won’t ask for payment information until you decide to continue coverage. We’re so confident that once you try out Trupanion, you’ll realize the value of protecting your pet and join the Trupanion family with 320,000 pets (and counting).

How it works


    Get your certificate from your veterinarian or one of our partner shelters or breeders.


    Activate within 24 hours after your pet’s exam or adoption.


    Rest easy knowing your pet (and your bank account) are protected from the unexpected.


    Protect your pet for life and continue coverage after your certificate period ends.

 Already have a certificate?

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What you get

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Call anytime (seriously, 24/7) during the next 30 days to continue coverage and don’t pay until your 30 days are up and YOU decide you want to continue your coverage.
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Why wait? Certificates waive waiting periods. So, instead of 5 days for accidents and 30 days for illness, anything not pre-existing, is covered from the day you activate.
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You get 90% coverage, at the veterinarian of your choice, with no payout limits for all new injuries and illnesses and access to 24/7 customer and claim support from our pet passionate staff.

Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details.

Want more information?


All cats and dogs under 14 years of age are eligible to enroll for lifelong coverage. To use a certificate from a veterinarian, your pet just needs to have received an exam within 24 hours.


What's covered?

  • Illnesses & injuries
  • Hereditary & congenital conditions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Medications & supplements
  • And much, much more

What's not covered?

  • Exam fees
  • Sales tax where applicable
  • Wellness and preventive care
  • Pre-existing conditions
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Our promise

We promise to never increase your monthly payments due to your pet aging or just because your pet has been unlucky and has faced some medical issues. That’s our promise—simple and fair.