A black and white great dane with a colorful collarA black and white great dane with a colorful collarA black and white great dane with a colorful collar
A dog and cat snuggle

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After hearing some of the perceptions surrounding deaf pets (“they are too aggressive,” “they aren’t good companions,” “they are impossible to train”), we were inspired to help debunk these myths and misconceptions.

Here at Trupanion, we include over 100 dogs (and even a few cats) among our respected coworkers. Walter is a 110-pound, white Great Dane. Walter feels that his job is to hold down a large dog bed all day. He is loved by many, and tends to put a smile on the faces of everyone he meets. He is a very happy, well-adjusted Great Dane who happens to be deaf. In our experience, deaf pets tend to stick closer to their owners, are less likely to get distracted, and are easier to communicate with than their hearing counterparts. Deaf pets truly bring pet owners lessons of patience, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Explore this section to learn more about deaf pets from veterinarians, trainers, and owners of deaf pets. If you're considering adding a pet to your family, don’t overlook deaf pets in your search!

Communicating with Walter is easy — and fun!