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Dr. Jason Nicholas, aka The Preventive Vet, is a veterinarian, pet safety expert, and friend of Trupanion. Dr. Nicholas’ mission is to help pet owners prevent accidents and illnesses that can happen with their pets. In these videos, Dr. Nicholas offers tips for preventing deafness in pets.

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Preventing deafness in pets: Dr. Nicholas' tips

Dr. Nicholas discusses how to prevent deafness in your dog or cat in this video.

Preventing deafness video

This video discusses how loud noises can cause pet hearing loss.

Loud noises can cause pet hearing loss video

Dr. Nicholas talks about chronic ear infections and preventing deafness in your pets. 

Pet ear infections and preventing deafness video
Preventing hearing loss in hunting dogs guidance from Dr. Nicholas.
Hunting dog safety video
Dr. Nicholas explains the dangers of things getting in your pet's ears, particularly foxtails.
The dangers of foxtails for pets