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Expert articles

We reached out to some of our friends in the pet industry to tap into their expertise to learn more about our pets and they can be best protected and understood during an emergency. In the articles below, they have provided valuable insight that will help you in developing your pet fire safety plan.

Dr. Jason Nicholas and his dog

The Preventive Vet

This article by The Preventive Vet discusses how pet owners can prevent fires. And because it’s just as important to be safe at home as at work, he offers tips to develop an adequate fire safety plan for your household.

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Amanda Brothers

Amanda Brothers

In this article, Amanda Brothers, a certified dog trainer, discusses how to properly train your dog to remain calm during a fire drill and evacuation. Our pets can be unpredictable in emergency situations, so preparing them for these events is crucial.

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Meredith Sepita

Dr. Meredith Stepita

Dr. Meredith Stepita, a veterinarian specializing in pet behavior, offers insight into pet behavior during a fire. A fire may be scary to us, but it's even scarier to our animals as they don't know what's going on. Knowing what to expect from them can be very beneficial.

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