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Learning about pet medical insurance can be difficult and often hard to understand. Our team is committed to making sure that you understand how Trupanion can help protect your pet for life.

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Trupanion offers more than traditional pet insurance

Trupanion is here to help our four-legged family members receive the care they deserve when they're sick or injured. When your pet is unwell, the last thing you want to think about is how you will afford their care.

Some people say we reinvented pet insurance, and we certainly don't consider ourselves just another pet insurance policy. We can approve and pay bills directly to veterinary hospitals, our customer care team is available 24/7, and we have trained veterinary professionals working throughout our company. We don't just strive to offer the "best pet insurance," we truly provide top quality medical insurance for the life of your pet.

No matter how you refer to us, rest assured that our policy has what it takes to help protect your pet.

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All pets get the best coverage we have to offer under our one simple plan.
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Let us pay your bill directly to your veterinarian—just pay your portion and we take care of the rest. 
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Your pet receives unlimited lifetime insurance coverage without caps.
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Our plan covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for eligible claims once you meet the deductible.
We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.
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You deserve insurance that works for you and your pet

We have no veterinary networks, we're working to reduce the amount of paperwork pet owners need to file, and on average we reimburse claims faster than any other pet insurance company. Plus your pet gets top quality coverage for all unexpected injuries and illnesses.


Your coverage works anywhere, at any veterinary hospital

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You're covered at any clinic, emergency hospital, or specialty center

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You're covered at any veterinarian in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico

You don't have to wait on a reimbursement check, because we could pay your veterinarian directly

Imagine no more paying upfront, submitting paper claims, and waiting for approval. You could have your claim submitted while you're still at the veterinarian's office. No other pet insurance company can pay veterinarians directly in under 5 minutes.

You or your veterinary hospital can file claims

Many veterinary hospitals will file claims for you. Just ask when you check in if this is a service they offer. If you want to submit a claim yourself, sign in to your online account and click "submit a claim." All we need to open your claim is a photo of our hospital invoice and your completed claim form. We've simplified our claims process to make your life easier and give you more time with your pet.

Your pet gets quality coverage when they need it most

When it comes to helping your pet, insurance should help you provide the best treatment possible. Simply put, we cover the medical expenses of ALL new injuries and illnesses, including:


We'll cover conditions your breed is prone to inheriting.


  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Diabetes
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Thyroid disease


Even if your pet doesn't have an official diagnosis, we'll cover you.


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Change in weight


We'll cover conditions your pet has developed before birth.


  • Heart disease
  • Nervous system issues
  • Cataracts
  • Liver disease

Whatever medical procedures your cat or dog needs for those unexpected injuries and illnesses, we'll cover. That includes things like:

Diagnostic tests    |    Surgeries    |    Hospital stays    |    Medications    |    Veterinary supplements    |    Herbal therapy    |    Prosthetic devices and carts


Just know that our policy isn't designed to cover the things that happened before you became a member. Conditions that showed signs during waiting periods or before you enrolled are considered pre-existing and are not eligible for coverage.

Once you enroll, our standard waiting periods go into effect; we will cover all new injuries 5 days after enrollment, and we will cover all new illnesses 30 days after enrollment.

Simply put, we do not cover things you can expect, including:


  • Exam fees and sales tax (where applicable)
  • Spay or neuter
  • Preventive care (vaccinations, fleas and tick control, dental chews, etc.)
  • Pre-existing conditions — Please know that our policy isn't designed to cover the things that happened before you became a member. Conditions that showed signs during waiting periods or before you enrolled are considered pre-existing and are not eligible for coverage.
We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.
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We are a team of pet lovers dedicated to helping cats and dogs

We don't just believe in the human-pet bond, we live it every day.

In our pet-friendly office, we are surrounded by dogs and cats who inspire us to do great work. We have a puppy play area in our lobby and pet beds and blankets at every cubicle, and kitty beds on desks to keep our pets warm and happy. When we say the office has "gone to the dogs," we mean it literally and with the most love possible.

We have employees who have worked at all levels of the veterinary field — from veterinary specialists to front desk assistants. We attract loving pet owners who want to make sure cats and dogs have high quality care when they need it most.

Our members agree, we have the best customer care team around — and we're around 24/7 to provide this award-winning care when you need it.

"On the phone, the Trupanion staff is always kind, courteous, and able to answer all of our questions. As far as customer service goes, I would wholeheartedly recommend Trupanion!"

— Kim A. and Macky R., Pier's parents


"Every time you call Trupanion customer service you can tell the employees are smiling when they answer the phone. They are knowledgeable and helpful, and have been able to ease any stress or concerns I had."

— Coleman and Chelsea S.

Above all, we help loving pet owners achieve peace of mind

At every age and stage of a pet's life there is a chance they could develop an unexpected condition. When you have a Trupanion policy, you have peace of mind that if an unexpected accident or illness occurs, your pet can get top quality care.

Want to learn more? We're here to help 24/7. 855.363.2399

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Trupanion's Customer Care Specialists are available 24/7 to walk you through our policy. Call 888.733.2685 to learn more about our one simple plan.

We'll give you a clear understanding of what you get when you enroll, because you shouldn't have to worry about "fine print" when it comes to your pet's coverage.


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