Our one simple policy was designed to cover all of your pet's medical needs

Simply put, a Trupanion policy covers the medical expenses of ALL unexpected injuries and illnesses your pet may face, including:


We'll cover conditions your breed is prone to inheriting.


  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Diabetes
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Thyroid disease


Even if your pet doesn't have an official diagnosis, we'll cover you.


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Change in weight


We'll cover conditions your pet has developed before birth.


  • Heart disease
  • Nervous system issues
  • Cataracts
  • Liver disease

Whatever medical procedures your cat or dog needs for those unexpected injuries and illnesses, we'll cover. That includes things like:

Diagnostic tests    |    Surgeries    |    Hospital stays    |    Medications    |    Veterinary supplements    |    Herbal therapy    |    Prosthetic devices and carts

We also offer additional coverage that complements our policy

These riders are available at an additional cost.

Recovery and Complementary Care Rider: To fully support your pet with complementary, non-clinical procedures, opt into this rider. You’ll receive coverage for:
Acupuncture, behavioral modification, chiropractic, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy.

Pet Owner Assistance Package: Help your pet outside the veterinary office by receiving coverage for:
Advertising and reward for lost pets, boarding fees in the event you are hospitalized, liability coverage for third-party property damage, cremation or burial for deaths due to an accident, holiday vacation cancellation costs.

We have covered thousands of medical conditions for thousands of pets

Since our founding, we have paid over $590 million to Trupanion members to help with medical procedures related to all of these conditions:



Kidney disease Emesis
Urinary tract infectious disease Diabetes
Hyperthyroidism Inflammatory bowel disease
Vomiting and diarrhea Lymphoma
Weight decreased Allergy
Pancreatitis Mass
Upper respiratory infection Dental disease
Otitis Constipation
Arthritis Cariomyopathy
Asthma Medical notation
Inappropriate urination Heart murmur
Loss of appetite Cough
Decrease in appetite Conjunctivitis
Congestive heart failure Lameness and limping
Gastroenteritis Blood in urine
Lethargy Urinary obstruction
Ingestion of foreign material Anemia
Crystalluria Behavior notation
Seizure Abscess
Dysuria Overweight
Urolithiasis Fracture
Corneal ulcer Sneezing
Pain Feline oral resorptive lesion
Broken Tooth Dermatitis
Prescription Diet Dispensed Infection
Extraction Stomatitis
Hypertensive disorder Polyuria and polydipsia
Soft stool Herpesvirus infection
Laboratory Values out of reference range Resorptive lesions
Fever Gingivitis
Gastritis Alopecia
Pyelonephritis Bite Wound
Dermatophytosis Wound
Mast Cell Neoplasm Giardiasis
Hematochezia Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
Laceration Cholangiohepatitis
Resorptive lesion Respiratory distress
Feline infectious peritonitis Carcinoma
Colitis Azotemia
Acute renal insufficiency Rhinitis
Bronchitis Adenocarcinoma
Fever of unknown origin Back pain
Irritable colon Acne
Pollakiuria Pruritus
Liver disease Lesion
Pleural effusion Elevated kidney parameters
Gastrointestinal disease Portal triaditis
Discharge Trauma
Traumatic injury MPL - Medial patellar luxation
Obese Squamous cell carcinoma
GI upset Glaucoma
Polydipsia Nausea
Obstruction Fibrosarcoma
Tumor Liver inflammation
Swollen Uveitis
Pyoderma Pneumonia
Hypothyroidism Enteritis
Neoplastic disease Swelling
Wheezing Hepatopathy
Thrombocytopenia Cardiomegaly
Family Liliaceae poisoning Epilepsy
Trichobezoar Behavior modification aid
Infestation by Otodectes cynotis Hypokalemia
Steatosis of liver Ataxia
Cyst(s) Leukopenia
Conduction disorder of the heart Feline eosinophilic granuloma
Osteosarcoma Eruption
Pemphigus Dyspnea
Cardiac disease Multiple myeloma
Blockage of ureter Hematemesis
Intervertebral disc disorder Intestine thickened
Irritation Loss of hair
Coccidiosis Kidney stone
Spondylosis Itchy
Soft tissue injury Cat fight
Flea allergy dermatitis Chronic large intestinal diarrhea
Epistaxis Urinary incontinence
Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's disease) Tapeworm infection
Cruciate Rupture (ACL, CCL) Megacolon
Splenomegaly Growth(s)
Renal changes Excessive salivation
Nephritis Chylothorax
Tachypnea Inflammation of anal sac
Dehydration Herpes conjunctivitis
Scratching Broken nail
Inappropriate defecation Lymphadenopathy
Kidney changes Hyporexia
Puncture wound Discharge from nose
Ulcer Non-healing wound
Intoxication Hyperglycemia
Keratitis Nasal Congestion
Pyotraumatic dermatitis Inflammation
Feline upper respiratory virus Lipoma
Hit By Car Conjunctival discharge
Urinary crystal, magnesium ammonium phosphate Hexahydrate
Polyp Leukocytosis
Allergy Otitis
Vomiting and diarrhea Lameness and Limping
Emesis Mass
Arthritis Cruciate Rupture (ACL, CCL)
Urinary tract infectious disease Seizure
Gastroenteritis Hypothyroidism
Diabetes Ingestion of foreign material
Dermatitis Pancreatitis
Medical notation Cough
Dental disease Kidney disease
Conjunctivitis Behavior notation
Pain Hip dysplasia
Giardiasis Urinary incontinence
Lymphoma Pyoderma
MPL - Medial patellar luxation Infection
Inflammatory bowel disease Fracture
Broken tooth Corneal ulcer
Back pain Intervertebral disc disorder
Mast cell neoplasm Heart murmur
Laceration Hypercortisolism
Extraction Lethargy
Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's disease) Congestive heart failure
Urolithiasis Bite Wound
Pruritus Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Colitis Traumatic injury
Pyotraumatic dermatitis Blood in urine
Gastritis Cataract
Anemia Soft stool
Epilepsy Lipoma
Abscess Osteosarcoma
Polyuria and polydipsia Broken nail
Decrease in appetite Pododermatitis
Itchy Overweight
Liver disease Laboratory Values out of reference range
Pneumonia Loss of appetite
Glaucoma Infectious canine tracheobronchitis
Hematochezia GI upset
Cyst(s) Wound
Inappropriate urination Cherry eye
Crystalluria Dysplasia of elbow
Eruption Weight decreased
Hepatopathy Prescription Diet Dispensed
Tumor Cruciate disease
Growth(s) Spondylosis
Upper respiratory infection Cariomyopathy
Inflammation of anal sac Alopecia
Cervical pain Swelling
Superficial pyoderma Intoxication
Thrombocytopenia Hypertensive disorder
Cushing disease Enteritis
Dietary indiscretion Hit By Car
Irritation Entropion
Soft tissue injury Ataxia
Pollakiuria Atopic Dermatitis
Trauma Fever
Lyme disease Carcinoma
Immune thrombocytopenia Lymphadenopathy
Discharge Poisoning by processed chocolate
Foxtail Foreign Body Swollen
Coccidiosis Portal systemic vascular shunt disorder
Papilloma Protein-losing nephropathy
Red/Redness Ear infection due to yeast
Lesion Tracheal collapse
Pruritic Gastrointestinal issue
Uveitis Adenocarcinoma
Chronic atopy Dysuria
Hind end weakness Liver inflammation
Hemangiosarcoma Conduction disorder of the heart
Vaginitis Mitral valve disorder
Respiratory distress Medication Ingestion
Fragmented coronoid process Histiocytoma
Tremor Neoplastic disease
Sneezing Protein-losing enteropathy
Aspiration Pneumonia Blood clot under the surface of the ear
Bronchitis Sebaceous cyst
Azotemia Adenoma
Inflammation Nausea
Immune mediated polyarthropathy Collapse
Transitional cell carcinoma Idiopathic epilepsy
Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's syndrome) Puncture wound
Hemangiopericytoma Localized infestation by Demodex
Spinal cord disease Canine parvovirus infection
Canine parvovirus infection Hematemesis
Melanoma Constipation
Raisin toxicity Sprain
Regurgitation Epulis
Elevated kidney parameters Grape Ingestion
Hindlimb weakness Dog attack
Mitral valve regurgitation Sore
Demodex Pannus of eye
Abrasion Achrochordon
Cardiomegaly Licking
Corneal abrasion Exomphalos
Polyuria Fever of unknown origin
Anaplasmosis Rodenticide poisoning
Obese Chronic large intestinal diarrhea

We mean it when we say we cover all unexpected injuries and illnesses.

We want pets to have the best possible care

You wouldn’t want to buy the cheapest medical insurance policy for your children, so why buy that for your pet who is as good as family?

Our policy was developed by veterinarians and has been used to protect nearly half a million pets. It covers treatments and procedures related to thousands of conditions so you and your pet feel protected.

No matter your pet’s breed, gender, or age, if they enroll in a Trupanion policy, they will receive our one simple plan that covers all unexpected injuries and illnesses. There are no tiers you can opt into, there are no gold, silver, or bronze plans, there is only our one simple plan that has what it takes to cover your pet when they need it most.

Over 70% of our members enrolled with Trupanion because of a positive recommendation from their friend, family member, or veterinarian.

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