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From one-time incidents to lifelong ailments, Trupanion is there for pets in need. Hear from some of our favorite pet owners who were happy they joined the Trupanion family.

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Rocket the German Shepherd
Trupanion policy covered: $30,159.51

“I know many people who have had to make that unbearable decision to let their beloved pets go because they could not afford the care. When calling Trupanion, every single representative has been supportive, caring, helpful, and sincere.”

Conditions: Lameness, brain stem tumor
Locations: Framingham, MA


Rexford the kitten
Trupanion policy covered: $19,031.43
“Rexford required multiple surgeries and extended hospitalizations; to know that we had the support of this wonderful company was such a comfort. I will never have a pet not covered by Trupanion.”
Conditions: Urinary obstruction
Locations: Gwynn Oak, MD


Ruby the dog
Trupanion policy covered: $22,893.65
“After our $50 deductible, Trupanion paid 90% of all costs, and were so kind, concerned, and made things easy. I can honestly say, Trupanion is one of the best companies we've ever worked with.”
Conditions: Pancreatitis
Locations: Newmarket, NH


Oliver the French Bulldog
Trupanion policy covered: $18,758.96
“Every pet owner should have Trupanion. I am grateful that I do so Oliver can get the care he needs.”
Conditions: Inner ear infection, airway problems, foreign body ingestion
Locations: Laguna Niguel, CA


Brenda the cat
Trupanion policy covered: $13,056.95
“I am very impressed with the service at Trupanion. Claims are dealt with very quickly and there is never any fuss.”
Conditions: Congestive heart failure
Locations: San Francisco, CA


Blue the yellow Labrador Retriever
Trupanion policy covered: $2,016.25
“Trupanion's communication was amazing and supportive, and I had my reimbursement check within a week. Thank you, Trupanion for relieving my stress during those days!"
Conditions: Hit by a car
Locations: Austin, TX
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