Frequently asked questions

How do veterans join this program?

Interested veterans should contact the department of rehabilitation and prosthetics services ( at your local VA Medical Center. The local office will coordinate with the program’s COR to determine your service dog’s eligibility. Trupanion is unable to enroll veterans in the program who are not approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We have no control over who is eligible or approved for the program.

If you’re interested in viewing the Trupanion policy options available to everyone click here to get a quote or give our enrollment specialists a call at 855.210.8749.

How does a veteran know whether they are in the program?

The VA will notify veterans if they are approved for the program. Eligible veterans will also receive materials from Trupanion about the program.

Do veterans pay the veterinarian for treatment?

No. We pay the veterinarian directly for all covered medical treatments and medications. Veterans only need to pay for items we do not cover, such as grooming and nail trims.

What items are NOT covered by Trupanion?

We do not cover the following things:

  • Grooming (including nail trims)
  • Boarding (other than medically necessary)
  • Elective or cosmetic surgeries
  • Non-sedated teeth cleaning
  • Non-prescription medications
  • Non-prescription food (including all treats*)
  • Dietary supplements (unless prescribed as part of a veterinary treatment plan)
  • Flea control (unless prescribed and purchased from a licensed veterinarian)

*please note that all treats, regardless of prescription status are considered a non-prescription food.

If you have a question about coverage please give us a call at 855.482.0163 or send us an email at [email protected].

What if a veteran doesn’t have a regular veterinarian or needs to take their service dog to a different clinic?

This is perfectly fine. Veterans may take their service dogs to any veterinarian in the United States or U.S. territories and we will pay the invoice.

What if a service dog has to see an emergency clinic?

It’s okay to take service dogs to specialists or emergency care veterinarians.

What if the veterinarian requires deposits or upfront payments?

We can work with the veterinarian on this. They should contact us at 855.482.0163.

What if a veteran has lost their ID card and/or dog tag?

Veterans should contact Trupanion, and we’ll provide a replacement.

What credentials does a veterinarian need to verify if a service dog is in the program?

Veterans may show veterinarians their Trupanion-issued ID card, their dog’s Trupanion-issued dog tag, or our program welcome letter. If none of these are available, veterinarians can contact us at 855.482.0163 to verify the service dog’s eligibility.

What if a veterinarian does not want to participate in the program?

If a veterinarian has reservations about participating in the program, they should contact us at 855.482.0163 so we can help.

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