What veterinarians need to know

Trupanion makes it easy for veterans to obtain veterinary care for their approved service dog by paying your clinic directly for treatment.

Approved veterans receive the following items from us that identify them as part of the program:

  • A Trupanion-issued insurance ID card

  • A Trupanion-issued dog ID tag for their service dog

  • A program welcome letter

If the veteran doesn’t have any of these items with them at the appointment, please give us a call and we can verify that they are part of the program. We would be happy to provide you additional information about the program upon request.

How you receive payment

We will send you payment via electronic fund transfer(credit card) or check, whichever you prefer.

After you have treated a service dog, fax or email us your invoice using our cover sheet. We recommend you make copies of this so you have them available for each invoice you send. We are able to send you a digital copy by email upon request.

The cover sheet provides space for you to tell us the nature of the visit, as well as space for the hospital’s contact information and the service dog’s information and payment preference.

Within 48 hours of receiving the invoice and the completed cover sheet, we will mail you a check or transfer the payment electronically.

Please note the default payment method is check.

You can review what is eligible for coverage in our Program Overview.

If you have any questions about how the program works, what is covered, or how payment is issued, we are happy to help. Our team is available 24/7 at 855.482.0163.

Contact us

Phone: 855.482.0163

Fax: 888.959.9180

Email: [email protected]